Big WWE Star Needs Surgery?


Jeff and Matt Hardy’s return to the WWE have been a long time coming. The fans have always liked this duo both as a tag team and as singles stars. These two found a lot of success on the indy scene and were actually the hottest stars in all of the wrestling world for a while in 2016. In the end, their return wasn’t about whether or not they will make a comeback but rather when that will happen.

At Wrestlemania 33, they have entered the tag team triple threat match and made it a fatal four-way. When they ran down the ramp, the crowd exploded, and it was one of the most memorable moments of the year. The pop that they got showed just how big of a deal they were during their first run with the company and on the indy scene.

Even though Matt has been the better Hardy over the course of past couple of years, the fact of the matter is that Jeff Hardy has always been the more popular brother in the WWE Universe. There were also reports that he was going to get a big singles push later this year when Matt gets “Broken” or “Awoken.”

Well, if those were the plans, they will have to wait as Jeff Hardy might need a surgery. He has injured his shoulder and wasn’t able to wrestle during the recent Live Event where he should have been a part of a tag team match with his brother against Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows. Matt ended up going against Anderson while Jeff sat on the sidelines. There is no news on when the injury actually happened.