Big Update On Seth Rollins’ Wrestlemania 33 Status


Seth Rollins and Triple H were set to feud in 2016, and the plans were for them to have a match at least years Mania. All of that fell apart when Seth Rollins tore up his knee in November. The injury sidelined him for over seven months, and the feud was put on hold. Triple H was the one that cost Rollins the title after Balor got hurt and we know then that the feud between the two is coming.

They have started their program in February, but again, Rollins suffered a significant setback and his status for Mania was up in the air. Samoa Joe is Triple H’s go-to guy, so he was the one that had the task of taking out Rollins. Even though he needed to take him out per storyline, he ended up taking him out for real. The Architect hurt his knee while brawling with Joe, causing his Wrestlemania appearance to be in question.


Last night on Monday Night Raw he had a big fight with The Game. This match had many people wondering if the injury was a work all along as Rollins seemed fine, but it would appear that his injury was real and that it is still bothering him.

According to, Rollins’ status for the biggest show of the year is still in question. He did have a physical interaction last night, but he still isn’t clear to wrestle. The doctors gave him the green light to do a physical work with restrictions, meaning he is still not allowed to have real matches in the ring.