Big Update On Brock Lesnar’s MMA Career


Brock Lesnar is one of the biggest superstars that has ever stepped a foot in the WWE ring. He is a legit monster not only in a wrestling world but also in the world of mixed martial arts as he has been the UFC World Heavyweight Champion over the course of his MMA career. He also went back into the octagon this past summer and defeated Mark Hunt in a great showing as he dominated him on the ground and escaped with a win.

Now, it seems that he won’t be getting back into the octagon and that his MMA career is all but done. There are multiple reports that Brock Lesnar notified the Ultimate Fighting Championship that he is retiring as a professional mixed martial arts fighter.

There is no official announcement from Brock Lesnar yet, but reports that Brock has retired from the UFC and has been removed from any illegal substance testing pool. This means that the WWE superstar is no longer on the official UFC roster. It was also noted on various MMA outlets that Lensar’s name was removed from the UFC’S unofficial online lineup.

Lesnar went to the UFC after he failed as a football player in the aftermath of leaving the WWE after his Wrestlemania 20 main event with Goldberg. He was 4-3 in the company before he decided to get back in the WWE ring after the Wrestlemania 28 as he destroyed John Cena. As we mentioned, he later returned to the octagon to face Hunt in what we can say now his last MMA fight.