Big Show Has Some Praising Words For Jinder Mahal


When the Modern Day Maharaja won the WWE Championship at Backlash from Randy Orton, people were wondering whether or not it was a good move to put the title on a guy that hasn’t really won a lot of matches since he returned to the WWE last summer. They had this idea that they wanted a heel foreigner in the main event scene and Jinder Mahal was the first one in line to get a big push.

Now that he is the WWE champion, he looks like a threat to everybody as he is a good talker and has all the heel tactics ready for him to survive at the top. They should have made him look more credible in the ring, but that is the thing of the past, and that can’t be changed now. What they can do is to continue booking him strong, having him cut great promos, looking mean and lean.


A lot of people in the locker room and in the wrestling business have a lot of respect for Jinder Mahal. The effort that he has put in to make Jinder the best possible version of himself hasn’t gone unnoticed. One of the people that have seen what this guy has been through to get to this point is no other than the Big Show.

He has been working with Mahal during the live shows when he was on Raw, and this guy even let him bodyslam him as a way of putting him over and showing the respect that he has for him.


“It was great for him because I took at what they’re doing with him and they’re trying to do something with him,” says Show. “Now he’s moving to Smackdown and my job as an older guy and older veteran is to see somebody that has the right attitude, that is going the right thing, that’s getting a new opportunity, and WWE knows me, and Vince knows me, the fans know me.”