Big Plans For The Universal Title At Royal Rumble


Brock Lesnar has had his last title defense at the No Mercy pay per view where he faced Braun Strowman for the championship. The build for the match was great, and Braun definitely deserved to win the title. A lot of fans were calling for him to take the belt from Lesnar, but we all knew that WWE wants to save Lesnar for Roman Reigns as The Big Dog is scheduled to take him down at the Wrestlemania.

Well, we have one more big event before Wrestlemania, and Lesnar needs to defend the belt at WWE’s second biggest show of the year, the Royal Rumble. Since he has faced most of the challengers that he could have faced besides Roman Reigns, the big question was who is going to be his opponent at the Rumble.


Now we know that Kane and Braun Strowman are going to decide between themselves who is going to win the number one contender spot. This is really not the best and the most creative way for the WWE to book Lesnar’s next opponent as we know that it is going to be Braun Strowman.


On the other hand, does Kane really deserves to have a shot at facing Brock Lesnar for the biggest championship on Monday Night Raw. The other thing that the fans won’t like is the fact that Braun will likely job out to Lesnar for the second time in less than six months.

Lesnar is being saved for Reigns, which is a shame for guys like Strowman who deserve to get a rub off of a guy like The Beast Incarnate. Instead of that, he is going to take another loss from him which is going to hurt him a bit in the long run.