Big NXT Star Takes A Shot At CM Punk


There are a lot of wrestling moves that are pretty similar and are used all around the world. Some moves that we see now in the WWE probably are not the moves that were done for the first time by that superstar. We have noticed that the new finisher of Seth Rollins is something that Kenny Omega doesn’t like as he believes that The Architect is using his move. When you want to build your character, a strong finisher is a big part of every single wrestler.

But, this is not the first time that we have seen a big name superstar complaining about other guy using his finishing move. CM Punk’s signature move has always been GTS in the WWE or the move known as Go To Sleep. He puts the opponent on the back of his and then he puts the knee to the face of his opponent. Well, he is not the first guy that has perfected this one. Hideo Itami has always been known for this move and has always claimed that this attack was something that he created and that its a part of his character.

CM Punk, as most of you already know, is a guy from Chicago, a great wrestling town with great wrestling fans. Next NXT Takeover pay per view is in Chicago, and Hideo Itami is going to be challenging Bobby Roode for the title. He used this opportunity to take a jab at Punk and to say that Chicago is the perfect town for him to use his GTS move to win the title. He wrote “MY Go 2 Sleep” in order to drive the point home that it is his finisher and not Punk’s.