Big News On What John Cena Is Doing At Survivor Series


Survivor Series is WWE’s last big dual-branded pay per view of the year, and all the biggest stars that are at their disposal are going to be on the show. It is the final PPV of the big four, and the company is going to do everything to make it a big deal. They did a nice job last year, and they need to continue it this round.

The main event of this show is likely going to be a Champion vs. Champion battle in which the WWE Champion Jinder Mahal has challenged the Universal Champion Brock Lesnar to a match at Survivor Series. These are your two main titles and two of the biggest attractions. At least, they should be.

One of the biggest attractions, not only now but in the history of the WWE, is John Cena. The company, of course, is going to put him on the show in some capacity. That is not going to be an easy feat as he is not on the WWE TV right now since this guy is quite busy shooting a movie.

Right now, the reports are saying that he is not going to be wrestling on the show, but that he is going to be there. So, what is he going to be doing at the Survivor Series? Well, it seems that he is coming to the event as a special guest referee at the show and it is going to be in the main event where Lesnar and Jinder are going to clash.

What WWE needs to do now is to make sense of why John Cena is there. We don’t mind the idea, it just has to make sense in order for this to work.