Big Feud Coming For US Title In Near Future


On Tuesday night we saw Kevin Owens moving to Smackdown Live as a part of the Superstar shakeup. Since Dean Ambrose took the IC title to the red show, it was expected that Owens is going to make a trip to the Smackdown Live. We know that WWE championship match is already set for the next pay per view and this was the champion that needed an opponent. Well, we now have the new number one contender after this episode.

Chris Jericho is going to have his rematch for the championship at Payback. After that, he is probably going to be taking time off in order to tour with his band and promote his new album. There is no way that Y2J is going to take the title off from Owens. The WWE will likely think of a way to write him off TV, and that is going to be it for Jericho.

The winner of that match, which is going to be Kevin Owens, is going to have a new home on Tuesday Nights. Daniel Bryan said that US title is already on the line for the next PPV, but he also stated that it’s going to be the number one contender’s match for the US title. AJ Styles won the triple threat showdown against Baron Corbin and Sami Zayn. After Owens beats Jericho, this is going to be a great feud between Owens and Styles.

They are two of the best workers that WWE has. When these two meet, it is going to be a great battle. KO is the heel here, so this might mean that the company is going to go with AJ Styles as the babyface. It’s going to be interesting to see how this storyline develops.