The tenth season of the hit sitcom “Big Bang Theory” normally airs every Thursday on CBS, but this time it has been postponed for one week, as the show’s spoiler site reports. The last released episode of Season 10, titled “The Holiday Summation” aired on January 5, and it followed Sheldon (played by Jim Parsons) and Amy (Mayim Bialik) going on a holiday trip to Texas. Having reunited with his mother, Sheldon broke the news about him and Amy living together to Mary (Laurie Metcalf). But, that was old news to her as Amy had already talked to her about their moving in together.

The upcoming episode, “The Romance Recalibration” is somewhat focused on Penny (Kaley Cuoco) and Leonard (Johnny Galecki) and their marriage problems. The problem is that Penny feels Leonard is not giving her enough attention, so she does not want him to go on their usual spa date. Leonard figures out that something is wrong and they eventually work things out.

Furthermore, we learn that the show will be on another hiatus after Episode 13. Episode 14, titled “The Emotion Detection Automation” is set to come out in the first week of February, which means you will have to wait for two weeks after “The Romance Recalibration” release.

Until then, let’s get a sneak peek. Jack McBrayer, who plays Penny’s brother Randall will make an appearance. Penny wants to convince him to go to a job interview and help him “act normal.” However, being a former convict, Randall finds it difficult to fulfill his sister’s wishes.

When it comes to Sheldon, he decides to learn more about his own feelings, so he uses a machine which makes it easier to understand various emotions. Finally, Raj (Kunal Nayyar) gets back to Claire (Alessandra Torresani) and Emily (Laura Spencer), his ex-girlfriends.


  1. What used to be a show about a hot chick, a total nerd and his socially baffled roommate is now about a wife (always better than a hot chick) who wears pantsuits (see the pic in the story) and her quaffed/buffed husband, a couple with a baby and everyone is dealing with relationship issues. NEXT!

  2. I’m pretty sure the “good writers” that originally worked on the show have been recruited away to bigger and better things, because the show is really starting to drag at this point. Plus the actors are having other priorities. This happened in another mega-hit called MASH. Loretta Swit (Hotlips) had Hawaiian tans and they couldn’t show her hands (due to manicures) near the end. The writing turned to sophomoric story lines and dead dialogue. The same is happening with Big Bang. Now 1 in 3 episodes is actually watchable. Most are bad and predictable one liners written for the lowest common denominator. Plus the turned a funny show into a relationship soap opera… where have we seen that before? Oh, and you know like in all relationships (and sitcoms) a baby changes everything. Have a good Hiatus and enjoy your new career trajectory because the writers and actors have moved on.


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