Better Team – Kansas City Chiefs Or Oakland Raiders?


Kansas City Chiefs are one of the best teams in the NFL right now, but they are not leading their own division. That would be the Oakland Raiders who are sitting at 9-2. Does that mean that Raiders are the better squad between the two? Or are the Chiefs actually the team to beat in the AFC West?

This is a tough call. Raiders are an offensive powerhouse with a great young quarterback leading the way. He has all the tools around him in order for this offense to be great, and he is making the most of what has been given to him.

Chiefs are a completely different team. They are an old school football team with Andy Reid leading the way, and Alex Smith game-managing for them. He can make some big plays from time to time, but he hasn’t been impressive as of late. Yet, this team is finding ways to win. Yes, they did slip up last week, but it happens to everyone in the NFL. It’s such a brutal sport and surprises happen.

Khalil Mack is an elite defender in this game, but Raiders are a horrible defensive team. They are definitely more exciting to watch than the Chiefs, but KC is more balanced.

They are a better defensive team than Oakland and can always make some noise on the offense. Their running game is a bit suspect, but still, if we had to pick a better squad, we would go with the Chiefs just because they are more balanced and a bit better all-around football crew.