Better Match: Fatal Five-Way Or Money In The Bank?


After a slow post-Mania period, the WWE is now switching gears as they are getting ready for the summer. We haven’t seen all that great and exciting TV program when it comes to Smackdown Live and Monday Night Raw in the past couple of weeks. The ratings for these shows in the recent memory are just echoing our statement. But, it seems that the tides will turn soon, and we will get better TV programming.

Both brands have two huge matches coming up in the next two pay per view events. First, it is going to be a fatal five-way at Extreme Rules for Raw to determine the challenger for Brock Lesnar at Great Balls Of Fire in July. Then, it is going to be Money In The Bank duel later in June in order to determine who is going to be the one to have an instant title shot on Smackdown Live brand. But, which match is going to be better and why?


What fatal five-way has over MITB show right now is the fact that it is unpredictable. We know that Balor is the unlikely winner here, but the rest of the guys have a legit shot. If we didn’t know that WWE is planning Lesnar vs. Roman for Mania 34, Reigns would be the favorite. However, since that is what WWE wants, we don’t know if they are going to speed up their plans or not. That is what is interesting about this showdown. All five guys are legit superstars, and it is going to be a good one.


On the other hand, it looks like Baron Corbin is a clear-cut favorite to win Money In The Bank. However, it is a great concept nonetheless and one of the best matches during the year in the WWE. Everybody loves this ladder fight, it is always a drama-packed event, and we don’t see why it is going to be any different this year.

Fatal five-way has more intrigue here, but nothing beats MITB match. It gives the winner a guaranteed title almost, and that is why we are picking MITB here, even though it was an extremely tough choice.