Better Fit For Miami: Cutler Or Kaepernick?


There has been a lot of buzz around Colin Kaepernick and whether or not he is going to find a team going into the new season. He is for sure good enough to be on an NFL team, but nobody has signed him purely because of the anthem situation last year that he had while he was with the San Francisco 49ers. Baltimore Ravens were the team that people thought he was going to land on, but those rumors are gone now.

The new team that might be willing to take a shot and sign him. That squad is the Miami Dolphins. Since their starting quarterback is out for an extended period of time, the Dolphins are looking to sign somebody that they know can lead them during the season and has an experience in the NFL. Two of the candidates whose names are thrown out there are Colin Kaepernick and Jay Cutler. But, who is a better fit?


Right now, if we are just looking at the abilities of players, we need to say Kaepernick. Jay Cutler hasn’t shown any willingness to play football and compete at the highest level since he signed that big money deal with the Chicago Bears. He lacks that leadership that quarterbacks need to have.

On the other side, even though Kaep might be a distraction at first, he is going to compete and try to prove that he should have been signed to a team a long time ago. Kaepernick is younger, can run with the ball, has that arm strength that a QB needs to have and will have some weapons available to him. From the pure football perspective, he is a better option than Jay Cutler.

Lot of people share our opinion and that is why the question remains: Why did the Dolphins signed Jay Cutler to a one year $10 million contract over Kaep. In case of a good season Jay will also receive $3 million in incentives. Who would you sign out of the two?