Better Championship Performance – Brady Or Ryan?


Championship Sunday is over, and we have the Super Bowl matchup ready. It will take place in two weeks time, and the media will be talking about these two teams until one of them raises that championship trophy in Houston. We are talking about the Lombardi Trophy, of course. But, two squads also lifted another type of trophy this Sunday. It was for the NFC and AFC championship games.

Both of those contests ended up with the home team winning and actually blowing out their opponents. It was an offensive feast for both Falcons and the Patriots and especially their quarterbacks. It’s pretty tough to pick a QB that played better on that day, but we are going to try it.

We are going to roll with Matty Ice in this one, and we have at least a couple of reasons why he was more impressive in a championship game than Tom Brady.

First of all, he was under much more pressure than Brady was. Tom, who is a sure-fire Hall of Famer, has already been to 10 AFC Championship game and has just won his seventh. Ryan, on the other hand, played in the championship game only once and his team kind of choked against the San Francisco 49ers.

Secondly, his numbers were just a bit better as he did throw for one more touchdown than Brady did while he also had a rushing trip to the end zone.

Atlanta’s offense looked like a well-oiled machine, and it was pretty good to see another quarterback other than the usual guys that will get the chance to play for the Super Bowl trophy. The expectations and the pressure were at an all-time high for Matt Ryan, and he delivered that is why we will give him an advantage over Brady in this comparison.