After taking a look at the NFL’s best offenses, we are going to take a peek at the other side of the ball. Defense is the part of a team that is responsible for holding the fort together and making the stop when the team needs it the most. Let’s see first which team is the worst in total defense in the NFL.

WORST NFL DEFENSESan Francisco 49ers – Niners are the worst team in the total defense department. They are giving up 416 yards per game, and that is the most in the NFL. 49ers are the only team that has allowed over 2000 rushing yards on the season while being dead last in the points allowed category with 370 points allowed during these 13 rounds. They are not the worst passing defense in the NFL, but they are just five yards away from giving up 5000 on the season, which is the worst in the NFL. These are the reasons why they are currently sitting on 1-11.

BEST NFL DEFENSEBaltimore Ravens – This might surprise a few people, but the Ravens are leading the NFL in total defense. They started 3-0 because of their play on the defensive side of the ball. They are allowing only 296 yards per match, and that is good enough for them to be the best in the league. Baltimore is also stopping the run as they are only allowing league-best 73,8 yards per game. Ravens don’t have the best passing defense, but they have allowed the least points after Week 13 – only 207 total points for their rivals. For the toughest crew, their score of 7-5 could be a little disappointing but still they are good at what they do best.