The Best Tech for a Better Conference


Conference breakout sessions are great for conference organization, but they often leave attendees with new knowledge and ideas that go beyond the scope of the session. It is important that breakout sessions allow participants to explore a topic in-depth, as well as connect with other people who may have similar interests. In order to make conferences better, this blog post takes a look at some technology-based solutions for conference organizers and attendees alike. The following are Ways to Use Event Technology for Your Conference Breakouts, and can be acquired with tech rentals.

1. Advanced AV Systems

Audio/video technology has advanced to the point that every attendee can enjoy a great experience. There are a number of ways you can use your conference AV system to make this happen. For example, using wireless microphones is a great way to add the audio-visual capability to breakout sessions, as well as make sure those participants who wish to can participate in the discussions from their seats. The advances in AV technology can also help make the breakout facility more efficient by allowing sessions to be recorded and streamed so that no one needs to miss out when the breakout is over.

2. Wireless Presentation Setup

A wireless presentation setup, such as the ZeDevo Pro Eclipse Multi-Touch System for Windows, allows participants to display their work and connect with other people through a wireless connection between laptops. This is especially important in breakout sessions where all kinds of tasks are performed simultaneously, and the focus is on collaboration rather than individual research. The presenter can simply sit back, connect to the presenter’s laptop and work with their hands-free by having a wireless presenter setup.

3. A Smart, Interactive Whiteboard

A smart, interactive whiteboard with the ability to let users draw and share ideas can connect attendees and presenters at the breakout facility. This can allow for ideas to flow quickly once the presenter has a chance to demonstrate what he is looking for. A whiteboard is especially useful for breakout sessions where all kinds of input are necessary from various people, such as in brainstorming sessions. The key is to ensure that the whiteboard is fully equipped with projectors, cameras, and microphones so that every attendee can connect with their peers at the breakout facility.

4. HD Video Conferencing

HD video conferencing can be a great addition to your conference breakout sessions. It can allow presenters to look at the different screens at the breakout facility, as well as ask individuals questions if necessary. Video conferencing can also make it easier for attendees to follow along and ask questions when the session is over. The use of HD video conferencing is especially useful at a conference where breakout sessions are held simultaneously because participants can communicate with each other during the session by using the chat feature that is available on many video conferencing services.

5. Reliable Wi-Fi Connection

The Wi-Fi connection should be available for both participants and presenters. This allows everyone to connect with the internet, make sure their presentations are set up properly, work on the breakout session presentation, as well as making sure that they are able to network with other people at the conference. It also allows presenters to connect with the internet to download any recordings and presentations so that they may add them to their own personal websites.

6. Interactive Conference Board

The interactive conference board should be available at each breakout facility. This allows presenters to quickly connect with attendees, give presentations and provide feedback for participants. The interactive conference board is a great tool at a breakout facility where collaboration among participants is crucial because this allows them to follow along, make comments, ask questions, and share ideas.

7. Easy Content Sharing

Easy content sharing is important for breakout sessions. This allows participants to connect with each other and share information about their projects. It also makes it easier for them to get their presentations online and available for download by other attendees in the session. When breakout sessions are held together, this is especially important because it allows everyone to connect with each other and make sure that the session is organized properly. The only question is what the best tool for sharing content should be. File sharing tools such as DropBox, Box, and Google Drive can be used on your computer or mobile device.

8. Audio/Video Recordings

Tools for making quick recordings are available for breakout sessions. This includes methods such as dictaphones, cameras with microphones that can be used to record all kinds of information at the breakout facility, as well as using wireless microphones, which provide a simple way for participants to take notes during the breakout session without being disruptive by having their own recording equipment on. The recordings can be uploaded to websites where they can be watched later, or they can be given to presenters as a way to review their session.

9. Efficient Project Management

Breakout sessions can be organized more efficiently as a result of tools that take the stress out of project management. This is especially important when breakout sessions are being held simultaneously because it allows attendees to leave their own work and connect with other people in the breakout facility at the same time. The key is to find a tool that can help you manage the breakout sessions and make sure that everything flows smoothly.

10. Mobile Event Apps

Mobile event apps can be a great way to help attendees find the breakout facility, get information about the conference, as well as access any other information that might make their attendance easier. This is especially helpful for people who spend less time at the conference and allow them to make the most of their time. It also allows presenters to connect with all participants by sending messages and giving feedback, which helps make the breakout session more organized and efficient.

Breakout sessions are an excellent way to connect with other people and make the most of their time. The more organized they are, the better they will be, and the more they will benefit everyone involved. With breakout session organization, everyone can focus on what is important in their own research and leave the administrative details to the professionals who know how to make it all happen.