5 Best Software Rating Sites


Buying or selling software has become easier as compared to earlier times, thanks to the rating and review services. Software rating websites are a clever way to choose the perfect software that fits all your needs. There is innumerable software available in the market with technological advancements being made. With such an overwhelming amount of options, it boils down to trying and checking methods, which is a huge waste of resources.

These software rating sites are, however, trustworthy, credible, and reliable. Also, all these software review sites put up genuine reviews that make your challenging task of choosing software easier. With the help of all these reviews, you can choose the right fit for your organizational needs. If you have been foraging the internet for the best software rating sites, the below list might intrigue you. Keep scrolling to find the best software for your requirements.

1. Truely


Truely is a directory of software reviews that helps you compare and review SaaS software available at your disposal. It helps companies choose the best software solution for all their technology problems. If you are looking for a comprehensive platform, Truely is an honest, trustworthy, credible, and reliable source for stacks of data about SaaS software available.


  • Besides product comparison, Truely offers an opportunity for software vendors and customers directly to get in touch with one another.
  • It has a directory of software reviews with detailed reviews and descriptions. Truely covers all aspects of software comparison like functionality, ease, support, and quality.
  • It also includes screenshots to provide users with pictures of the user interface of this software.

2.  Softwareworld


Softwareworld is an essential analysis tool for your organization’s growth. With the ever-rising competition in the market, dynamic and personalized software is crucial to cut through the competition. If you are a small or medium-scale organization that lost the path about which software to choose, Softwareworld is the profitable fit for all your needs. Not only does it review software sites, but softwareworld does also it according to the type and requirement of each company.


  • Softwareworld is an all-in-one destination to learn about the pros and cons of a wide range of software available across the globe.
  • It provides collective reviews of some of the leading, trusted, popular sites like GetApp, Capterra, and G2crowd.

3. G2


G2 has been reviewing software since 2012. The company is situated in Chicago, Illinois. When it comes to software rating and review, G2 is considered the best choice. It provides the best comparison of business software and services based on all user ratings and reviews. G2 is an amazing all-in-one destination for all kinds of companies as it also provides ratings for ERP, HR, PDM, CAD, CRM, and Marketing software.


  • G2 is the biggest tech service in the world, which provides businesses with reviews of technologies, software, and services to help them reach a feasible solution.
  • With over 160,000 reviews, G2 is one of the world’s largest software rating service providers.

If you are confused about which site to turn to for recommendations, suggestions, and reviews, G2 is the best and ideal option. From famous software like Capterra to software for small and medium businesses, G2 is a hub of software reviews.

4.  GetApp


There is no other best site as compared to GetApp to compare software of small scale and medium scale businesses. Besides comparing and evaluating software, GetApp also provides you with the best recommendations for your company based on your needs and requirements. GetApp operates with the aim to offer appropriate software to each company that fits their needs perfectly.


  • GetApp holds a distinction as compared to other sites. It helps you make an informed decision by providing you with adequate in-depth insights about each software.
  • In the review section of GetApp, there are more than 3000 apps to help small and medium scale businesses with their searching, comparison, reviewing, and evaluating of business software.

5.  PCMag


PCMag is definitely a top choice for all software companies and other clients as well. Because PCMag is synonymous with reliable and genuine reviews and comparisons. If you are looking for world-class software, but don’t know which one to settle for, PCMag lays the direction for you.


  • Unlike other review sites, PCMag goes an extra mile to emphasize on the factors that are most ignored when it comes to software comparison.
  • From most commonly used software, services, and products, PCMag reviews even the newly launched software. Hence, you find a repository of software reviews on PCMag.
  • Also, PCMag revises their reviews and comparisons periodically and frequently to reflect their technological updates and similar things to not let you miss out on a single thing.


Software is an inevitable part of any company’s success in the current scenario where technology has become an indispensable part of day-to-day ordinary operations. In addition to employing technologies, companies are making sure that the software they use is agile, easy, functional, and utilities to keep up with the market competition.

In an era where the market is filled with countless options of software, it is a prerequisite to choose that one software that works well for both your present and future needs. Not everyone is well-versed with all software. However, sites like these fill in this gap to educate and inform you about the options available.

The above-mentioned sites are just a few options available. However, they are some of the top, popular, and most reliable options as compared to others. Besides providing the best reviews, they evaluate and equip you with the best information for you to decide and come to a logical conclusion.