Things to Consider before Purchasing the Best Refrigerator for your RV


Even if you are so excited to have your new refrigerator for your RV, please do not make a rash decision in buying one to make sure that what you get is the best one for you. It must be appropriate, fit in your RV, and it should satisfy your needs whenever you go on camping trips.

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What to focus on when buying an RV refrigerator

Before buying a fridge for your RV, there are different essential points to consider so you can put your hard-earned money into fair use. Considering these necessary things will save you a lot of money, wasted time, and stress brought about by the refrigerator you impulsively purchased—thoughtless buying of a unit, which does not suit your demands and needs, will lead to frustrating disappointments.


One of the main points you have to keep in mind is the unit price when you buy something. It must be within your allotted budget. However, do not settle for a cheaper option wherein the quality is compromised. Because when you acquire a substandard refrigerator, you might end up with a piece that needs frequent maintenance and a shorter life-span, thus making you spend more than what you should have had you bought the higher grade option. That is indeed not practical and such a waste of money.


It is a very sensible thing to consider your RV refrigerator size and the available space inside your kitchen where you will install it. The fridge must fit your door and must not be too large for your kitchen as it may cause limited space for you to do your tasks there.

Suppose your RV has a small compartment. You may opt to buy the small and portable ones, but it is not the right choice if you have several persons with you during your vacation as it has limited capacity. On the other hand, if you have a larger RV, there are double door refrigerators you can choose from, depending, of course, on your preference.

Durability and Quality

You invest in things not for temporary usage only. You use your hard-earned money for something that you know will last and be efficient even in the long run. The more durable it is, the longer the time it will be of best use. This fact applies when you choose the best refrigerator for your RV. So when you purchase one, make sure that the handles or handgrips, interior, insulations, and lid opens are in excellent quality and conditions. The insides must be sturdy enough to bear the weight of the food and beverages you will have.

Energy Efficiency

It is one of the most important things to consider when buying an RV refrigerator. Yours must be energy efficient for you to save electricity and to be environment friendly. It must be able to consume the minimum amount of energy to complete its cooling and freezing function. This way, the total energy saved by your refrigerator can be used by your other appliances or for other purposes you might intend.

Storage or internal capacity

The refrigerator’s volume capacity that you should buy must be large enough for your usual length of vacation and the number of persons you have with you during the whole trip. But if you are fond of going on RV camping trips alone, you can choose a more compact variant, especially if you have a limited space where you can put your refrigerator inside your RV.

Three-way power capability

Since you have limited electrical sources when you are on your camping getaways, you should consider buying a fridge that has a three-way power capability.

The first way is through LPG gas or propane supply, which primarily utilizes the chemical reaction produced when ammonia and hydrogen gas combine. The other one is through 110V electricity from RV generators, and the last means is using a 12V DC source. If you purchase one with three-way capability, you will no longer have to worry about the perishable goods you bought for your vacation. You can keep them fresh and unspoiled, no matter how long you decide to be elsewhere.

The noise created by the compressor

We are confident you do not want to be disturbed by a loud noise created by the refrigerator compressor when you’re supposed to be sleeping soundly on your vacation. For that reason, you should invest in a fridge that has less audible noise. It will ensure that you have a comfortable late night’s sleep and a stressless break.

Weight and Portability

If you prefer to stay outside and do outdoor activities during your camping trip and you don’t want to go back and forth of your RV over and over again to get something cold to drink or refresh you, try looking for portable RV refrigerators. Some units have features like the telescopic handle, hand grips, wheels, shockproof exterior, digital controls, and drain plugs. Depending on your preference, you can have that fridge you can easily carry around with you whatever activity you engage yourself out there.


Perhaps, you wished to give RV camping a shot because you want to destress and escape from the real world, even only for a little while. And for a hassle-free camping getaway, how to keep your beverages cold and prevent your food from spoiling throughout your vacation should be the least of your worries.

At this point, we anticipate that we have already informed and guided you well enough into buying the right refrigerator for your RV. Remember to consider all the things we have discussed and emphasized to have a fridge that serves your needs and is suitable for your RV. Doing so will make your trip smooth and convenient all the way, because, after all, that is your ultimate purpose for going to one.