Best Options For AJ Styles At Wrestlemania 33


AJ Styles has had an amazing first year in the WWE as he has established himself as one of the best wrestlers that the company has to offer. He is arguably the best wrestler in the world and has been the MVP of the WWE for the past year. A big name like AJ Styles should get a memorable match at WM33 in order to reward him for his great performances so far.

But, it seems that WWE is planning to have AJ Styles work with Shane McMahon in Orlando for Wrestlemania 33. Even though that is probably going to be a great match as Shane is known for his stunts, AJ Styles deserves more.

AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe – WWE planned for Joe to be on Smackdown Live, but that was changed so he can be included in Seth Rollins and Triple H storyline. Now that Rollins is injured again, the company is considering having Samoa Joe on Smackdown like it was originally planned. These two worked great in TNA and everybody would love to see another matchup of these guys, but that would be their first in WWE.

AJ Styles vs. Kurt Angle – If Angle were to return as a wrestler, there wouldn’t be many better options for him as he already has the history with AJ Styles. Both of these wrestlers are masters of the ring, and they would give the fans a show to remember. Kurt Angle can still go, and AJ is still in his prime years.

AJ Styles vs. Randy Orton – These two were never in programming together, but now that Randy Orton is the winner of the Royal Rumble, WWE has a prime chance to put these two together at Wrestlemania 33. Orton is fantastic of what he does, and this can be a perfect opportunity to turn Orton heel and AJ Styles babyface as he is getting amazing reactions from the crowd even as a villain.