9 Best Live Chat Software


Nowadays, there is a wide range of software available to help companies achieve better results. And when it comes to customer management, even more so! Customers are the backbone of organizations; therefore, the best attention and service must be aimed at them: doubts, problems, complaints. Everything must be solved instantly to offer the best possible experience.

Here are 9 software programs that will help you serve your customers better.

1. LiveChat


This technology is quite useful when it comes to serving customers in record time. However, it all depends on your budget. Of course, paying thousands of people will cost much more than installing such a system.

You must decide what kind of customer service will lead you to be the preferred site of the users, as many of the online casinos with no deposit bonus codes are doing. Their listed no deposit bonuses are linked to safe, trusted casinos. Best yet, it only takes a few minutes to claim this kind of bonus. Most of these operators have LiveChat and personalized agents to help players in case of any problem. VSO contact the support team directly to gauge how responsive they will be to the average player.

2. Facebook Messenger


When it comes to messaging software, this tool cannot go unmentioned. Offer convenience to your customers through this contact possibility! Choose Facebook as a communication channel. You will see that you will have greater brand recognition from the audience. Practical, familiar and, above all, handy.

3. WhatsApp


Adding WhatsApp to your website, especially if it is an e-commerce platform, can help you better manage your customers. People are looking for quick care! In that sense, this tool is the perfect fit. WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app worldwide and is the most used app in over 150 countries.

Now, if you are afraid of using this software as a communication channel with your clients, since it is a very personal and private app, you will be surprised to know that many prestigious companies use it for these purposes. Of course, you must have a data protection policy that restricts its use only for purely customer service related issues.

4. Telegram


This is another option that instantly comes to mind. In fact, many companies are adding it as part of their communication channels, especially since there has been a lot of talk about the security it provides. The chats are encrypted here. What does this mean? This means that only you and the recipient will be able to read the messages sent, no one else. Not even Telegram employees themselves!

Every day, billions of pieces of data are exchanged through virtual communication tools. Therefore, if no measures are taken, the risks, which many companies may encounter, can be fatal. This is why this option is usually number 1 when talking about privacy.

5. LiveAgent


Grab attention with proactive messages that invite your website surfers to chat with a customer service agent. Proactive chat invitations are a powerful feature that can convert website visitors into paying customers! Most customers don’t expect a company to have this initiative, so surprise and delight your customers in less than a second! If you are interested in LiveAgent¬†Stencil Giant¬†is using it and helps conversion rates.

6. Help Scout


The real plus point is its price-performance ratio, which is very difficult to achieve nowadays. What’s more, it has a 15-day free trial that helps prospective users familiarize themselves with the tool before paying for it. You will see that it is a software totally designed to improve customer service! Easy to learn. Ideal for companies of all sizes.

7. Olark


This software, developed in the United States in 2009, is currently one of the most widely used in small businesses and developing companies. It is characterized by simple and highly functional live chat features that allow you to capture leads, increase sales and provide a better user experience.

With this tool, you can be sure to offer 24/7 attention. In fact, this is one of the aspects most valued by today’s customers. Create and configure your greeting and welcome to the chat through the integrated bot! However, you should know that the possibility of sharing images or multimedia files is not available.

8. Zendesk


The company, founded in 2007 in California (USA), has been recognized with numerous awards for its great functionality in the online market. The results have been very positive and have helped many companies to become more efficient in terms of customer service. This tool is appropriate for medium-sized and large companies willing to face their costs, which go beyond the average.

9. JivoChat


Here you can gather all your communication channels in one place: JivoChat. This way you can cover all types of customers you have: those who use Facebook, Telegram, Instagram, Viber, WhatsApp, among others. Available in over 20 languages. This live chat tool is ideal for SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) and small businesses with the potential to grow in their markets.

Let the robots answer users’ frequently asked questions! They are just for this kind of situation. And, only when a particular case arises should your specialized agents get to work.