Best Landing Spots For Jimmy Butler If He Gets Traded


There are some rumors that Jimmy Butler of the Chicago Bulls is on the trading block. He is by far the best player on that team and it’s a bit strange to think that they would like to move on from him. Those kinds of guys are pretty had to find nowadays. But, if Chicago does decide to pull the trigger on this Bulter trade, here are the squads that can give the Bulls the best deal.

LOS ANGELES LAKERS – It’s not a secret that the Los Angeles Lakers are looking for a star to lead this team. They are loaded at guard with guys that can play so moving some of them, especially Jordan Clarkson, would be a good deal for both sides. Lakers would need to include some picks and maybe even one more talent, like Julius Randle, to make this trade work.

Lakers are looking for that player to lead them in the post-Kobe era. Jimmy Bulter would be a perfect choice for that. But, are they willing to give up as much since a player like Butler will cost.

BOSTON CELTICS – Celtics are looking for that guy that is going to put them in the conversation of whether or not they can knock down the Cleveland Cavaliers in the East. Bulter is a man that would do that for them. They were linked with him during this past summer, but the deal never happened.

Celtics would need to give up one of their Nets’ pick to acquire Butler. Maybe another Celtics first rounder would be on the move along with Jae Crowder. A guy like Marcus Smart might be a part of this potential deal.