Best Home Gym Under 1000 Dollars Buying Guide – Top Brands Review

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If you’re perhaps looking to build a home gym and want to know how to do so on a reasonable budget, then this guide is perfect for you!  Having your very own personal home gym has significant benefits!  You’ll be saving money by not driving back and forth to the gym each day and avoid any gym membership fees.  Moreover, you’ll be able to save time by avoiding wait time for machines at the public gym as well as having the ability to make your own music choices while you work out.

The Basics

To get your home gym off to the perfect start, you’ll want to begin with specific equipment for your set up from this homepage.  Having the basics will allow you to have the essentials for a fantastic work out as well as choosing the most cost-effective equipment first.

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Power Rack- Also called a “squat rack,” this strong metal frame will hold your barbells for your solo weightlifting. This piece of equipment will allow you to do things like squat, bench press, pull-ups, and chin-ups.

Barbell- Some of the best and most effective exercises will be possible by utilizing a barbell. Basically, look for a barbell that has standard knurling (the rough pattern etched into the barbell), a lifetime warranty and around a 28.5 mm shaft.

Weight Plates- To have a little variety and consistency in your workouts, defiantly consider a minimum of two 2.5, 5-10- and 25-pound weight plates. Additionally, also consider six 45-pound plates.  As you get stronger, you can adjust these weights, but this will give you a great base to begin from!

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Adjustable Bench- For many of your exercises, you’ll need a padded and adjustable weight bench that can maneuver from flat to a 90-degree angle. The adjustable bench will allow you to do exercises for isolation and specific inclines.

Adjustable Dumbbells- This specific set of equipment will allow you to add variety to your workouts while also offering a much more space efficient option! Look for a set that gives you anywhere from 5-90-pound options as well as comfortable handles.  Ensure when you’re selecting your set of adjustable dumbbells, you pick them up, hold them and even practice a few exercises to make sure they’re comfortable and natural feeling in your hands.

Collars- Also referred to as “safety’s,” or “clamps,” these small equipment pieces will keep the weight on your barbells while you’re exercising. Thus, giving you a significantly safer workout.  Collars may seem small but they’re vital to your safe home gym, nonetheless.

Get fit!

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Now, you’re ready to begin the basics of building your own, personal and reasonably priced home gym!  You now have information on six essential and smart pieces of equipment to start out with when you’re in the early phases of your new home gym!  These six basics, yet absolutely necessary pieces of equipment, will allow you to get started in the perfect way and then continue to build your gym.  Enjoy weightlifting from your own home!