5 Best Groomsmen Gift Ideas That They Can Actually Use


Do you think that being a groomsman is an easy job? Well, it sure is a fun and exciting one. Along with the cool part of it, goes the more serious side to it – being a groomsman is a responsibility for the groom’s friends and cousins to organize properly and keep everything in line during the whole wedding. Understandably, the wedding is a central event in one’s life, and having people you love by your side is essential for being able to enjoy creating your most precious memories.

Naturally, you’d want to show your appreciation and thank them for all their help and support or show them a love for just being there on your big day. What’s a better way to do that but giving them a thoughtful thank-you gift?

This is the perfect opportunity to get creative and think of what would make your closest friends and cousins happy. Other than the wedding itself, the small gestures are what make the whole experience both memorable and enjoyable for them. Before you buy the gifts, you should sit and reflect on your friendship, the funny moments, jokes, a variety of life situations you’ve been through together. Choosing a gift that represents a token of your friendship is the best gift you can get! Other factors you should also consider are what you think would be useful and practical for the groomsmen, but personalized to make them feel special.

If you don’t know where to start, here are some ideas you can use.

5 Best groomsman ideas they can actually use:

1. Surprise them with a Bouquet


Yes, you’ve read it right. You don’t think men love bouquets? Maybe you’re right, but what if there are bouquets so fabulous that every man will adore them? You would consider them, yes. And if they’re made of bacon, you might as well consider buying them for yourself or your bride! (If she loves bacon). A funny and creative gift like this is what would put a smile on the toughest guy’s face and you should go for it if the goal is to appreciate them with a delicious, witty, and cool gift to remember. You can personalize the message at manlyman.com and choose a beef jerky bouquet, bacon roses dipped in chocolate or caramel, or get a beef jerky candies gift set. Could you find a gift tastier than that?

2. Give them a Time of their Life


Why focusing only on physical gifts? If you’re open-minded and if your groomsmen are open-minded too, you might consider giving them an experience instead of a gift. You can do your research and use various websites to explore some interesting activities in your city or in another city if your budget is higher. City hot spots, formula driving, trucks driving or helicopter riding, cultural tours, sports game trips, cruise tours… The list goes on and on. Guys bonding and enjoying the fun activities is way better than anything else. According to your groomsmen’s preferences, you can send them somewhere where they’ve always wanted to go or allow them to try something they’ve always wanted to try. Just don’t let them forget to take pictures!

3. Focus on the useful


If you know your groomsmen love spending time in nature then you know that the best gift you can get them is something they’ll use especially if it’s personalized to show it’s only theirs. A perfect example of that is buying them a pocket knife, then engraving their name. Modern pocket knives have a lot of useful features such as LED lights. If your friends are collectors you can add a vintage knife to their collection or something else they’d use such as a flask, an interesting water bottle, or a thermos. You can also go with a waterproof bag and copper mugs with their initials, collapsible chairs, or maybe a personalized travel case. These items will make their nature expeditions much easier and as a plus – they’ll think of you and their groomsman duty every time they use them!

4. Upgrade their Style


Choosing a beautiful tie or a bow tie is always a good choice, if your groomsmen are stylish or if you think they should have one. You can find various websites with vintage ties to make it more special or you can even have it made specifically for them. From choosing the color, fabric, and the print to cool personalized boxes with funny or heartwarming messages and pictures you chose. Other than that, you can seek after unique accessories such as wooden or leather wallets that you can get monogrammed and personalized to match their taste. Cufflinks are also a great present since you have a variety to choose from. From the elegant and simple ones to the funny-shaped, message-carrying ones all to the vintage pieces that will make special every piece of clothing they wear, including the attire for your wedding. Do you have an old-style pocket watch? Then neither do they. Most of the men don’t have one but they’d love to. You can engrave it too and we promise they will love it!

5. Use your Creativity


Or someone else’s. Sometimes, the best gift is a small thing that’s hilarious and attention-grabbing. How about finding an artist who can draw cool caricatures of you and your groomsmen hanging out somewhere you wanna go or somewhere you’ve already been? Doing a little recap of your best memories in a fun and different way (including your wedding!) can make a fantastic gift to remind them of your friendship or the special day itself. You can also use the drawing and engrave it to the other pieces of their clothing, planners, notebooks, basically anything your mind can think of. If they love wearing funny, colorful socks, you can even make ones with their face on it. Or yours. Or another crazy and memorable design. That would look cool, right?

Deciding to give gifts to your guys is an awesome thing to do in the first place. It means you wanna let them know how much they mean to you. That also means that you’ll do your best to make them feel special in some way or to make them laugh. With the right approach and the right ideas, you can really get something for everyone’s taste. From minimalistic, expensive gifts, to arts & crafts stuff, vintage items, or modern gadgets, these guys are gonna feel appreciated and happy that they accepted to be your groomsmen!