How to Choose the Best Flower Composition


Flowers are one of the most popular gifts in the world. There are many beautiful ways to give them to someone. They could be potted, organized in a bouquet, or put in a nice basket. However, many of us may be unaware of how to choose the best kinds of flowers in a flower shop. Click here if you want to have an expert opinion if you want something tailored to suit a specific occasion.

In addition to that, there are also certain ways you can choose the best floral combination in the nick of time. If you seek expert recommendation, you could retain freshness of the flowers for a longer period depending on season and type of the one chosen e.g. if you want to send flowers to Italy or London or any other destination, they will arrive just as you bought them. This is how professionals make the floral experience of the receiver phenomenal.

Buy Flowers Online

Look for a website that is reviewed well for its floral services. It’s not recommended to waste your time and energy visiting flower shops and instead, focus on dependable and trustworthy flower shops near to you that offer fresh plants. It will take just a few minutes to choose the best ones from the catalog, making a payment and specifying delivery time if you choose a trustworthy seller.

Determine Prices

It does not cost much to make a beautiful bouquet that will certainly delight your girlfriend, wife or mother. If you think you have a limited budget, it is recommended to focus on inexpensive options such as seasonal flowers. Some of the seasonal ones are lilies and lavender that bloom during summer months, tulips during springs, and peonies in early summer.

However, it is more acceptable to send a few beautiful flowers than a bunch of them of average quality. If your budget is limited, you can still make a floral gift meaningful by selecting very few ones but of very good quality. You cannot really make an impression out of a large bouquet of cheap plants.

Give Flowers Right After Purchase

The best time to buy flowers is 2 to 3 hours before you present them to your loved one. Flowers wither quickly, especially in hot weather. Unless they are professionally treated to retain its quality, avoid buying them too early. In addition to that, make sure the online floral shop guarantees freshness. It is wise to choose sellers who are in business directly with suppliers and offer flowers that are cut recently.

Check the Buds

If you buy those with open buds, it will probably wither away soon. Choose ones that have buds yet to open. The petals should also be firm. If you come across those with closed buds but are a little flimsy, it means that the florist has cut off petals that went dull, and this will cause the flower to dry up in a day or two.

Check if the leaves and stem are green, firm, fresh and juicy. Fresh flowers have bright stems. If it is unable to bend under the weight of its bud, therefore, you should stay away from buying them as the stem is probably dry (dead).

Do Not Overdo it

Decorating a bouquet is quite a tedious task. Unless you are aware of the taste you loved one has, you should probably find a professional florist who is aware of the latest trend. There are some life hacks if you do not know what kind of flowers your loved ones prefer.

First of all, choose the shape of the bouquet. Round ones are universal, and always in fashion. Larger bouquets are great as well, but it is better suited to be given to a business partner or a colleague. Heart-shaped bouquets are in place if you want to give them to your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day.

However, you need to remember that a lot of brown papers and embellishments are a mistake. They are naturally beautiful themselves. If a florist offers you a bouquet with a lot of wrappers, it has probably gone bad. This is a way to cover up flower defects.

One-sided floral bouquets are now the current trend. They can be gifted to your girlfriend, colleague, mom or your teacher with a little bit of craft wrapping paper to make it a little more presentable.

Not Just Flowers

One of the recent trends that have tremendously grabbed people’s attention is the addition of sweets, chocolates or fruits to a basket or a bouquet of flowers. Everyone, even mem would love to receive them. Small edibles and flowers are the best companions

A professional florist will know just the right flower for the intended receiver with a composition of appropriate chocolates, seasonal or exotic fruits and berries, or other accessories that make the gift level up a notch.


It is always admirable to present something unique, unusual and desirable. You are trying to make a meaningful impact into the senses of your loved one. Presenting 101 runs of the mill flowers in a huge bouquet will not do you any good. They will be difficult to keep and maintain as there might not be adequate space of time of the receiver to take care of average ones.

For example, you can buy decorative sunflowers, hydrangeas or other vibrant ones such as lilies or orchids.

Bottom Line

The bouquet should be kept in water as this will help the flowers a lot longer. Some plants stand better in warmer climates while others love a cool breeze. It all comes down to what flowers you choose that favors the season. If your floral bouquet will be shipped out to another far-off destination, you need to add special products to flowers to prolong its life. However, if such services are not immediately at hand, add sugar or aspirin to the water where it will be kept. This is why it is always better to present potted ones as they will live for many years growing and becoming more beautiful by time.