5 Best farming simulator mods to try in 2024


Farming Simulator is one of the best games that you can play to enjoy simple village life. In the farming simulator, you will be living as a villager and farmland worker. You will get some land to grow vegetables and for livestock breeding. You have to do some effort on growing crops and harvesting them. Afterward, you will take them to the market to sell and earn money.

Likewise, you have to manage livestock and sell eggs and dairy products to earn money. You will then use this earning to buy more land or animals and increase your earnings. Furthermore, you can also buy modern equipment that will help you in managing the workload. For example, you can buy an egg collector that will collect eggs daily. So even if one day you forget to do so, your eggs won’t go to waste.

However, all of this is just a game and to enjoy the best experience, you need the best mods. Mods change the gaming experience and make it more like a real-life thing. These mods vary with the version of the game. For example, previously, the best one was Farming Simulator 19. However, now we have the latest version of the game which is Farming Simulator 22. It has improved features and provides a seamless farming experience for the users. Be sure to visit farmingsimulator2022.com and learn more about the latest version and its mods.


In addition to this, farmingsimulator2022.com is a place to get the latest information about Farming Simulator. You want some podcasts, you can get them. You want to pre-order the latest version, you can do so. In short, you will find everything related to the game on this platform.

Coming towards making the game more interesting and fun, you need some mods. So, here is a list of some of the mods that you can try.

1 – Additional field information

Once you start playing the game, there won’t be anything stopping you to increase your profitability. You will do your best to sow and harvest on time. Thus, you will take more products to the market and earn more money. Eventually, you will have more animals and more farmland. All of this will require more input from you too. You need to spend more time or buy modern machines or hire a helping hand. Only in this way, you will be able to manage your spacious land.

In addition to this, you will also need all the information about your field. This additional feature mod covers all the important information about your production and sales. Thus, you can enjoy your earnings and make better future plans. Because in addition to your production and sales, this mod will also provide information about the land area which is under cultivation. Moreover, you will also have information about the price of your land and nearby areas too. So, if you are interested in buying a nearby land and you see a low price for it, you can quickly buy it.

2 – Animal Worker


This is not just a game-enhancing mod but a necessity. You cannot do everything by yourself. And especially when you have more animals and land area to manage. You need a helping hand. So if you are at such a stage of your game where managing the game seems hectic, you should go with the animal worker mod. This feature allows you to get a helper for different tasks. For example, if you have a lot of animals, you can get 2 workers who will extract milk and sell it to the market. Or a worker who will use the milk to make cheese and then sell it in the market.

Likewise, you can get a worker to take care of eggs and taking them to the market. But managing the market is not only the job. You also need workers to wash and feed the animals. Farm areas become sensitive if you are too busy. Therefore, if you are getting tired of managing the animals all by yourself, you should give this mod a try.

3 – Enhanced Vehicle

If your vehicles are not good enough, you will get into an accident or lose some eggs or milk while transportation. The enhanced vehicle allows you to have better control over your vehicle. Thus, you can avoid wasting your products. Furthermore, driving will also become easier and more like a real-life thing. This mod allows you to choose the drive. For example, if the road is not smooth, you can choose a4-wheel or rear-wheel drive. Or you can opt for a front-wheel-drive.

4 – Placeable Tree Pack


Other than the proper management of your farmland, you also need to improve the appearance of your place. Only managing the crops is not the only thing in Farming Simulator, you also need some aesthetics. They also play an important role in making your point score. So if you want to have better visuals and appearance, you should give it a try.

Placeable Tree Pack allows you to get a variety of tree types. For example, you can have oak, birch, spruce or pine. All these trees not only provide aesthetic value to your farm but are also of commercial value. You can have your cows and animals graze here or you can sell the trees. Thus, you will have profits as well as beauty.

5 – Follow me

This mod is also one of the best ways to deal with your workload. You can do things in an organized manner and can maximize profits. In short, you will have better control of your space and can even manage your vehicles through it. This will become handy for you when you have to manage the goods at one place and your vehicle is in another area. Thus, you will have better efficiency at your farm and you will have higher profits.