Even though the QB position is the most important one in all of the football, that can’t be said for the fantasy football. There are a lot of signal callers that are going to post similar numbers, and they are going to cancel each other out. Running backs and wide receivers are the ones that make the difference between the teams. Still, some are going to opt to draft a QB really high in the draft, and these are the guys that they are going to look at.

1) Tom Brady, New England Patriots – The greatest of all time is again likely going to have a great year. Even though he is not a threat in the running game, a number of weapons that he is going to have this year combined with the efficiency that he plays with are the things that make him one of the best fantasy choices.


2) Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers – Nobody was on fire quite like Aaron Rodgers in the ladder part of the 2016 season. There is no doubt that he will be one of the MVP candidates this year, throwing a whole lot of TDs and even running for a few. Aaron Rodgers won’t disappoint his owners yet again.

Aaron Rodgers

3) Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks – He is always one of the most attractive options at the QB position as he does run a lot with the ball and is capable of scoring TDs on his own. He doesn’t throw a lot of INTs which is always good for the owners. We wouldn’t be surprised if he goes first off the board out of all QBs in some drafts.

Russell Wilson

4) Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons – Everybody is high on Matt Ryan after the kind of season that he has had. Julio Jones is going to be his primary, but not the only target. There are a lot of guys that will be on the receiving end of Ryan’s passes and TDs. Expect him to have a similar year to the one he had in 2016, rivaling what Rodgers and Brady do.

Matt Ryan 1
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