10 Best Cryptocurrencies Apps for Android Phones in 2024


The last year has seen significant improvements surrounding the discourses about cryptocurrency and its realistic approach in the current financial markets. More and more companies have started to indulge in the business meanwhile Governments have passed laws in certain countries to regulate future demands. It has passed the phase of illusion and come up with an alternative currency. However, much of the work is yet to be done. The rise in cryptocurrency is expected to grow more. Major banks are yet to join the market, but as the awareness around it is increasing, it won’t be long before that happens. Android phones are another effective way to reach the new tech-savvy generation, and with its extensive use around the planet, companies are targeting potential customers and offering services. The cryptocurrency market is not aloof from Android programming apps for their customers.



One of the popular apps over the internet, according to Forex Academy, is Coinbase. Its convenient-to-use, multi-layered security and reliability have gained quite a name in the app market. It allows the customer to directly transfer money from their bank account to their Coinbase account, selling and purchasing of Bitcoin as well as other Litecoin allowing for tracking the currency with regular updates and notifications.



Xapo is functionally similar to your debit card, allowing the user to create a savings account of traditional as well as a digital one. Protected by surveillance and biometrics, users can check the real-time value of 150 different cryptocurrencies. Its design makes it user-friendly.



You have to download the Cobo app if you happen to deal with not just one but several other cryptocurrencies. From being able to support various types of Bitcoin to other crypto coins like Ethereum, Litecoin, Decred Ripple, and the like, Cobo is an app that users who religiously deal with cryptocurrencies must use. What makes Cobo even more appealing is its feature of extending support to over 80 countries and various other crypto technologies. Some users might have the problem of facing some bugs in the app, but the developers are continually working on fixing the issues.



The CoinATMRadar is one of its kind. Enabled through GPS, it allows the user to find their nearest Bitcoin ATM, which entails the buy and sale of Bitcoins. If there may be any fees, the app user is notified of that.



The app has a default setting of the always-on display, which is why it is advisable to use the app only on phones with AMOLED display, lest it could severely drain your phone’s battery. What makes this app different from the rest on the list is that it keeps furnishing information from every corner of the crypto sphere to keep you updated in real-time. Therefore, in case you were thinking of investing, you could always count on the app to provide you with all the necessary information. The always-on display consists of time, date, media controls, and several other notification panels that improve the ease with which you can operate the app.



Delta is an app that has quite recently made an entry into the world of crypto apps and how. The leading utility of the app is to track the several portfolios in which you might have made investments while also giving you information from several quarters of the crypto space, including sending notifications whenever there is a change in the prices. However, you will not be able to access the app without paying a fee. Consider this app when you are into the domain of cryptocurrencies professionally and not just as something to take up as a leisure activity.

Bitcoin Ticket Widget


This app is a must for those who wish to vary and compare the different prices among various cryptocurrencies. It supports a wide range of currencies with different widgets to allow its user a smooth experience, and all of this can be done from the comfort of your home.

Bitcoin Checker


It’s one of the most used apps on the internet. With a friendly interface, the app provides real-time prices on various cryptocurrencies of the market and makes it convenient, especially for beginners. The app’s design is simple, which makes it much more versatile during the process.



Gemini is one of the Bitcoin stock exchanges in the world, which allows crypto-crypto and Dollar to Dollar trading. For years, customers had used Gemini’s website for the Bitcoin buying and selling, but in 2018 the company launched its Android apps to address the long-pending request of its traders. Highly secure and reliable, the app comes with a user-friendly interface along with various features, and ones that the developers keep improving with every passing day.



As the name states itself, Robinhood free trading for its users. It charges no commission and is highly popular among first-time investors, young, and those seeking to process individually. Its user-friendly style increases the comfortability of the use, and above all, it requires no minimum balance.


Customer convenience is at the top of every business house. The android market is one of the widely and most preferred places for business houses. The versatility and diversity it offers are alien to no one. Cryptocurrency apps are numerous on Android stores offering various services to their customers. That makes the whole process easier. With a little research on the internet, you can download a better app that fits your requirements. You must consider downloading one or a few from the list we just put together for you if you are interested in making cryptocurrency investments a life choice. It always bodes well when you have news and updates just a click away so that you can make decisions that can help you in your endeavor of cryptocurrency investments.