8 Best Clubs in Toronto to Party the Night Away


Toronto is famous for its high skyscrapers, busy streets, and incredible nightlife scene. There are a plethora of things to do and see in the city, but its nightclubs are probably its most visited spots to date. Now, of course, not every nightclub in Toronto is worth your time or money, as we all have our unique definitions of what “having a good time” means.

In this article, we’ll go over our favorite Toronto clubs to help you find a place where you’ll be able to spend some unforgettable nights during your stay.

So, without any further ado, here they are!

1. Gatsby’s Speakeasy


Toronto may be the only city in the world where you’ll find something as unique as a nightclub entirely covered in ice. Yes, you’ve heard it right: ice! Everything from the DJ booth to the walls and the bar is made out of ice, which makes it a perfect occasion to rock that one outfit you’ve kept for the chilly days. How cool is that?

While the freezing negative temperatures might not be everyone’s cup of tea, it’s certainly a unique experience you wouldn’t want to miss. Besides, the chilly atmosphere only adds to your need to move around and dance, so you’ll certainly have an unforgettable night there!

2. Pravda Vodka Bar


If you’re ready to party like a Russian while trying out Pravda’s robust collection of the world’s best vodka brands, this is the bar for you! The atmosphere is incredible and the club hosts a variety of special events throughout the year, all of which you must experience while in Toronto.

Even if you’re not incredibly fond of vodka, you’ll certainly find something that fits your tastes out there. The best time to visit it is on the weekends (duh!), but you’ll have a great time nonetheless, as the Soviet-inspired visuals are truly to die for.

3. Lovechild


Lovechild is an excellent place for everyone who enjoys large crowds, an energetic atmosphere, and dancing to trendy hip-hop tunes. It’s a popular spot for young college and university students, so it might feel a bit too rowdy for anyone not fitting the target demographic.

Again, it’s perfect for dancing the night away with your friends, but it can get quite busy and crowded, which is not something that everyone enjoys. If you are a fan of a wild atmosphere and youthful vibes, don’t forget to visit it during your stay! It hosts mind-blowing parties and events you certainly wouldn’t like to miss.

4. El Convento Rico


If you enjoy drag performances and Latin music, El Convento Rico is the place for you! It’s an affordable basement club with an impeccable atmosphere that will keep you dancing all night long!

Again, the club is very LGBTQ+ friendly, and it often features some of Toronto’s best drag performers, making for an incredible night out. If you’ve never seen a live drag performance before, we suggest you visit El Convento Rico on the weekends- it will certainly blow your mind!

5. Call her Juliet


Call her Juliet, or just Juliet, is one of the newer clubs on King Street famous for its neon lights and urban atmosphere. It’s one of the most beautifully decorated clubs in the city, mostly featuring hip-hop and trap music. It has a unique atmosphere that will certainly keep you dancing the entire night.

Of course, you’ll have the best time there during the weekends, especially Saturdays, as most special events are hosted right then. We suggest you check websites like torontoclubs.com to find the best events in the city for the night, as most clubs have limited entertainment due to the COVID19 crisis.

6. Rebel


If you’re looking for a full-blown spectacle, you’ll find it at Rebel! It’s one of the biggest clubs in the city, featuring two floors of fun and partying! It has a main room, EDM room, hip hop room, and a gigantic stage with many talented dancers and performers.

The club has something to fit everyone’s tastes and needs, so it’s a venue you must visit while in Toronto, especially if you’re looking for the wildest party in the city!

Don’t hesitate to bring a friend or two and remember to explore all rooms and stages during your visit.

7. Lavelle


Lavelle is one of Toronto’s most popular clubs for a good reason: it’s beautifully decorated, has a unique ambiance that’s difficult to copy, and often hosts up-scale events and incredible performances.

It’s a place that you absolutely need to visit while in Toronto, at least to enjoy the breathtaking view of the city from its rooftop. The music is mostly hip hop, RNB, and Chill House, which only adds to the distinctive atmosphere the club has.

Overall, if you’re looking for a fun night out at the most beautiful spot in the city, Lavelle is there to fit all of your needs.

8. Goldie


Goldie is an iconic Toronto club frequented by the city’s most famous trendsetters. It’s incredibly modern, with neon décor and its iconic staircase you’ve probably seen on Instagram before.

It offers both a relaxed, high-class atmosphere in the downstairs bar and an intense party atmosphere followed by a unique mixture of hip hop and dancehall music in its upstairs rooms. It’s certainly one of the best clubs in the city, so we wholeheartedly suggest you visit it during your next Toronto trip. According to our sources, the best day to pay it a visit is on a Saturday.

The bottom line

If you’re looking for a good time in Toronto, make sure you’ve checked some of the clubs from the list above. While they all offer a different vibe and atmosphere, fun is guaranteed no matter where you choose to go!

We suggest checking out official COVID19 measures to see what’s open before you plan your trip. While the restrictions are mostly lifted throughout the country, it’s still better to be safe than sorry.

Overall, we hope our list helped you find your new favorite spot in this beautiful city, and we wish you tons of fun and wild partying while you’re there!