4 Games that Offer you the Best Chances of Winning in the Casino


Casinos bring forth a one-of-a-kind enthralling rush of euphoria that one simply cannot resist. One who seeks to wager their money at the casino seeks to take in a plethora of emotions all at once the high of victory, and the hangover of defeat.

While the main course at a casino is an adventure, it may come with the chance to hit it big or may save you some regret for dessert. When you wager your money, the ultimate goal is to win it big.

We all know that casinos are there to make money and the house is favored on all the games, but in some, the house advantage is a little less prominent.

Before you start wagering your money you will want to take a look at the games that give you the best chance of victory as elaborated below.

1. Roulette


This is the game that we most often see in our favorite movies and tv shows. Roulette is basically a wheel with exactly 38 numbers on it. The numbers on the wheel are colored either black or red in the race 1-36 ,and 0 is colored in green.

The easiest way to place a bet in roulette is wagering on the color on which the ball lands on: red or black. This gives you a near 50% chance of winning. Nearly 50% ,as there is a green tile which is reducing your odds of winning just a little.

A player can also increase the payouts in exchange for reduced odds, like betting on a range of numbers such as between 1 and 12.

2. Blackjack


When you play on sites like direx-casinos you would want to consider blackjack as one of your go-to games, as the odds of winning are 49%. Apart from this, blackjack is a fun and exciting game that is bound to keep you at the edge of your seat.

So how does it work? You play against the dealer, and even if more than one person plays at a time, you are still competing against the dealer and not the other players.

The great thing here is that the dealer is as dependent on luck as the player themselves. The player who gets their hand closest to the number 21 without going over wins. Most casinos only give the dealer about a 1% advantage.

Blackjack is one of those games that gives skilled players a little advantage. You would be able to bank a little more on your strategy than just pressing your luck like in most other games.

3. Baccarat


A game teeming with intrigue and suspense, it is one that allows players to bet on the outcomes of two hands. There are only three possible outcomes in Baccarat, those of which include the player’s hand, the banker’s hand, or a tie.

So when you place a wager you either root for the player or the banker. The person who ends up closer to nine wins.

The odds of winning are fairly decent here as the banker’s hand would be projected to win 45.8 percent of all bets, leaving 44.6 percent for the player’s hand and around 9.6 percent for a tie.

Sounds really good, but there is a little catch! Most Baccarat tables seem to have higher limits and enforce minimum bets. But this is no reason to get scared away. Think of it like this, would you rather wager small amounts of money on games you may never win or larger sums on a game that you will likely win?

If you are looking for a classy experience and got yourself a well-funded gambling budget then this is just the game for you.

4. Craps


This is where you go if you are just looking to pass the time and go a little crazy with the gambling experience. You have to remember just two things, “PASS LINE” and “DON’T PASS LINE.”

Say you slap some cash on the PASS LINE and a new roller comes to the table, if they get a 7 or 11, congratulations you just won! But if they roll a 2,3 or 12 ,you lose. As with any other number the game goes on.But there is an exception! If she rolls a 9 she must roll another 9 before she is allowed to roll a 7. If she doesn’t you lose.

To top it all off, the odds are quite impressive, as the house edge is a mere 1.4.

Which means that if lady luck is on your side you can scale your bets and make a killing within no time!

But say you bet on the DON’T PASS LINE, then the rules are pretty much reversed and the odds are slightly better as the house edge would only be 1.36.


The games listed above would help you make much more educated wagers at a casino. Yet no matter the game you play, the house is always favored. There is a fine difference between being a loser and simply not emerging victorious.

As long as you go in with a firm budget, you should learn to accept that you may lose a little money. But the right mindset is to think of it as paying for the excitement and the experience.

But here is one last tip for you, say you go into a casino and don’t remember anything else, just keep in mind that you get the best odds at table games.

Gambling is a fun experience that can potentially help you hit it big, but a truly skilled player is one that knows how to cut their losses.

With this, you are better prepared to experience the thrill of gambling but we would like to close off by warning you to beware of the signs of compulsive gambling addiction.

Ensure that you remain in control of your temptations at all times, and get help if it becomes necessary so that you can enjoy a pleasant gambling experience.