Best Bluetooth Shower Speaker

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On average, people shower for around 8 minutes, 3 times a week. The total of this would at least mean 20 hours spent in the shower a year. If we spend that much time in there, why not make it as fun and relaxing as possible? A shower speaker is a perfect device to make baths feel more interesting and fun. Listen to a good radio station, put on your favorite music, or listen to your preferred podcast while you shower. In this article, we will look at some of the best Bluetooth speakers great for showering, which are currently on the market. Choosing the best Bluetooth shower speaker is not hard, and we narrowed it down to help you, so let us start.


Covered with a rubber coating, it provides amazing water, dust, and physical impact protection. It survives water submergence for 30 minutes. What makes it even more attractive is the 40-hour battery life, great for traveling. It is the longest lasting speaker on our list.

Six built-in speakers deliver a 360-degree sound. There are two woofers, two passive radiators, and two tweeters. Together, they create a rich, clear and balanced sound, the best on the list. It also has a voice-enabled speakerphone, which allows you to use Google Now or Siri.

Overall, it has great money/value balance with awesome protection, sound and battery life.

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Although small, it delivers 5 watts of sound power, and sound quality is decent for this size. It arrives with a heavy-duty rubber strap that is great for carrying, or attaching it so it hangs. The bottom part has a threaded hole, allowing all types of mounts for more options. It is very light as well, perfect for traveling. If you are short of a Bluetooth connection, a 3.5mm jack connection is possible.

The battery lasts for about 12 hours and takes 3 hours to recharge, which is awesome for a cheap Bluetooth speaker like this one.


This speaker could be paired with another for a great surround sound and better volume. A very neat feature. It was actually built specifically for in shower use, hence the flexible tail that can easily wrap around anything inside the shower. A suction cup also comes with it. The body of this cool speaker is rubber coated, so it is durable and shock resistant. Like the number 1 on the list, it survives water immersion for about 30 minutes.

The battery life of 8 hours is a bit modest when compared to others. An odd thing is recharging, as you have to unscrew the top and open a rubber flap. Pretty inconvenient.

Since it is pretty small, the sound quality is not that great and will certainly not surprise you. It can be louder than it looks though.

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This design allows some customization. It comes with a hard rubber hook and a soft rubber loop, with five places on the speaker to attach them. A rubberized bumper bar protects it from fall damage. Functional and visually appealing, the fabric provides a great grip and prevents water from compromising its functionality.

There is a touch-sensitive pad on the back, meant to set Libratone products apart. However, some finger gestures take multiple times to register. There are issues when pairing the speaker, as you need to hold it pressed.

Its battery life is 12 hours, which is okay. It has four speakers, a woofer, a tweeter, and two passive radiators. To achieve the best, 360-degree sound, you need to stand it up, which could be impractical. Overall, the sound is balanced, as the lows, mids, and highs are more than decent.

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  1. UE ROLL 2

This speaker is famous for its incredibly simple, yet unique design. Many colorful patterns are available. The shape is also unusual, and it is bigger than you would imagine. It comes with a cord in the back, so it is easy to hang it in the shower, as well as with an inflatable base perfect for pools. The two big buttons are all the controls you need, and they look great.

When it comes to battery life, you get a modest 9 hours. There is also a mobile app to control it.

A pair of tweeters and the main driver produce all the sound. It can be loud for its size, plus all of the sounds are more or less clear.