5 Best Barcode Scanner Holsters & Cases 2024


A barcode scanner is essential to collect and examine the data included in a bar code. You can find barcode scanning devices at shopping centers, retail stores, warehouses, etc. In order to protect the device, it is better to keep it in a case or a separate shelf. Here comes barcode scanner holsters and cases to the rescue.

Top Barcode Scanner Holsters And Cases In The Market

Here are the best barcode scanner holsters & cases available in the present marketplace.

1. Agoz Zebra Scanner Case With Credit Card Slot


The Zebra Scanner Case With Credit Card Slot is the best barcode scanner case made by the Agoztech brand. This case has an open top design, which allows you to take out the scanner easily. The double stitching ensures the durability of the product. It is made from premium quality materials and shows resistance to weather and water.

This barcode scanning device holster comes with double belt loops and a reliable belt clip. The two belts are to be used horizontally and vertically. It shows comparability with Zebra M60, MC67, TC70x, TC70, TC72, TC75x, TC75, TC77, and various handheld scanning devices.

There is a separate slot for storing your cards. The internal dimensions of this product are 3.9 × 1.9 × 6.7 inches (L × T × H). It can go well with up to 2.5 inches of belt width. You can check out agoztech.com to take a look at the other best barcode scanner holsters.

2. PARTSHE Shoulder Belt Holster Case

The PARTSHE Shoulder Belt Holster Case is best for those who wish to have a scanner case that can be attached to their shoulder. It is compatible with numerous models of barcode scanning devices, including MC9000, MC9100, MC9190, MC9200, MC92N0, MC92N0-G scanners, etc.

This case is prepared from a decent quality polyester material, which is also quite reliable. It gives outstanding safety to the scanning device and protects it from dirt and other elements. In addition to that, it also shows resistance to scratches.

3. Holsterguy SCH-101Z Universal Barcode Scanner Chest Harness


If you are looking for a scanner holster that can be attached to your chest, here is the best pick. As it comes with a chest harness, it is ideal for people who need to use the scanning device every day quickly. This SCH-101Z case establishes a hands-free setting. It has three-way flexible loops, which give ultimate comfort.

The case is sturdy and can protect your equipment from any potential damage or loss. It shows compatibility with numerous barcode scanners of various brands. The dimensions of this case are 1-1/2″ x 3-1/2 depth, and it can fit devices between 4 to 8 inches.

4. e-Holster Barcode Scanner Holster


Here is the best product from the e-Holster brand. This barcode scanning device case is compatible with M60, TC70x, TC72, TC70, TC75, TC75x, TC77, and MC67. It is a military-grade and reliable case with double stitches for enhanced durability.

This rugged scanner holster is to be used vertically and comes with a set of belt clips and loops. It has a strong design which makes it ideal to be held in hand. The sturdy metal clip case is one of the heavy-duty models on the market. It is easy to put and take the scanning device, and the case offers incredible protection from the external elements.

5. Ergodyne Squids 5540 Barcode Scanner Holster Pouch

The Ergodyne Squids 5540 Barcode Scanner Holster Pouch is the best pick if you are in search of a case that shows compatibility with large and small barcode scanners. It is also made from a decent quality fabric that is durable enough to protect the barcode scanning device.

You can fit scanners measuring 10 x 3 x 2 inches in a small holster, while 10 x 4 x 3 inches devices in large holsters. If budget is not a concern for you, you can acquire this product without any second thought. It is a bit expensive compared to the other products we have listed in this post.

What Are Different Types Of Barcode Scanner Holsters And Cases

Here we have listed the most common and different types of barcode scanner holsters and cases you can find in the present marketplace.

Belt Holsters

The belt holsters are made to provide optimum convenience and amenity. This type of case is accessible in a broad range of sizes and shapes in order to fit different scanning devices and configurations. In addition, some high-end products also come with an additional pocket, separate card slot, and other features. The locking swivel mount allows you to detach the case from the PE backing board and place it on the left or right.

Shoulder Carry Holsters

Scanners and other tools can be carried on your body through a full-end shoulder strap with protective carry cases. In order to enhance wearing combinations and user comfort, reliable eyelets are installed on all four corners for high-end shoulder holsters. The adjustable plastic screen preserves keypads and gives easy access to the scanning device’s touch display.

Utility Work Belts

Utility work belts are accessible in various sizes, ranging from S, M, L, XL, XXL, and XXXL, to accommodate all workers. In general, they are made from durable materials to safeguard the device. The companies manufacture utility belt cases in a way that they evenly allocate weight and provide a highly steady feel. In addition to that, the velcro fastener prevents bothersome and dangerous loose fitting. The quick-release buckle secures the device in its place.

Different Ways To Wear Barcode Scanner Holsters


Depending on the usage of the barcode scanner, the holster or the case carrying this device can be worn in the following ways:

  • Utility Belt Holster

The most common way to wear a scanning device case is to loop it onto your belt.

  • Shoulder Holster

The shoulder case will have straps you need to attach to your torso and chest.

  • Thigh Holster

The thigh scanner cases utilize the drop leg bag technique and have two straps that you need to attach to your lower thigh and waist.

  • Satchel Bag Strap

Another way to wear a scanner holster is to attach it to the belt of a satchel bag.

Bottom Line

We have outlined the best barcode scanner holsters and cases you can acquire in 2024. Besides that, we have listed the various types of cases and different ways of wearing a barcode scanning device holster.