Should Bengals Fire Marvin Lewis?


Cincinnati Bengals are off to the worst start of the season since 2010. They were a perennial Playoff team, but it looks like that this is not going to happen this year. They are 3-6-1 right now and just lost their best player. Bengals’ season is most likely over, but should their head coach pay for their bad result?

He shouldn’t pay only for this year. This defense wasn’t fully ready to play and as good as it was in the previous season. Now they lost their best wideout and their best running back. But, he should pay for not winning a single Playoff game in 14 years as the head coach of the Cincinnati Bengals. Fans have much more questions for him, not just this season related.

Some of these recent losses weren’t his or Andy Dalton‘s fault, but when you are making the postseason in 5 consecutive years with this as talented bunch as they are, you need to get that win and show some signs of improvement at least once.

When Burfict gets penalized for 15 yards in the crucial moments of a Playoff duel, that’s not only his fault. It’s the fault of your head coach and the lack of discipline and authority that he has on these guys.

This man can coach and should be a coach in the NFL, just not for this Bengals team. Both sides need the change, and that is why Cincinnati should let this guy go as soon as this season ends. Cincy would greatly benefit from some fresh ideas as they are trying to get over that hump in the postseason. Marvin Lewis is just not going to get the job done for this squad.