4 Things all Beginner Gamblers should know about Betting Systems


Sports betting is much more than guessing who will win the sports match. There are many interesting factors that make this activity exciting, such as strategies, systems, and the ability for things to go against the odds. At one time, this type of gambling was more focused on football matches, as well as soccer, and later on many other sporting events, and more recently, even esports.

A bit off-topic, but we must emphasize how much in recent years esports has been accepted as a sports discipline, tournaments are organized and participants receive significant recognition for their work. That is why it is quite expected to become part of the popular betting systems, which we will talk about in this article. You can also see it at ca.unibet.com, where you can bet online.

The strategies and systems are practically the same as when you are in sports betting place.

Relying on a specific system means that you follow a certain set of rules, in order to invest wisely in the game, so that you can make a profit all the time.

But what exactly is such a system?


It is a certain scheme or strategy, with which the betting person tries to increase the chances of big profit. This requires a lot of commitment, knowledge, and learning because betting is not just about predicting which team will win or if it will end in a draw. Many skilled bettors also understand terms such as edge, double bet, drift, co-favorite, commission, decimal odds, goalscorer bets, fixed betting, halftime betting, and many more.

If you are a beginner, you should first commit to learning these terms. However, it is easier for some beginners to discover things gradually, that is, to play by the rules that are already familiar to them and to discover new challenges during the sports event and the whole gambling experience.

So, a betting system is not only for you to decide how to play, but also how to distribute your money and how to take into account all the factors that may affect the final result. There are already ready-made systems, based on which you can make your decisions, or you can formulate a functional strategy that will bring you benefits.

In this article we will talk about the most common betting systems, with brief explanations for each of them:

1. Negative progression

With each loss, you actually increase your wager, expecting to cover the loss from the previous activity. Although it sometimes works, in fact, the chances of big losses here are really huge, compared to any other system.

2. Positive progression

Here you do the exact opposite – you increase your stakes whenever you make a profit. In sports betting all this can be really slow because you have to wait for a match to be played to know if you have won something or not. This way, if you enter a series of losing tickets, you will not be exposed to additional losses and you will be able to recover your bankroll faster.

3. The 1-3-2-6 system known as Paroli


It is an example of positive progression and it is very easy to understand why it is so popular, especially if you try to use it in your betting. This system was mostly used in games like blackjack and baccarat. What does that mean? You need to allocate your budget accordingly to this sequence of numbers. For example, if you have $ 200 for sports betting, invest $ 10 first. If you win, then you have $ 30 for the next bet. If you lose, you bet again 10. Then, if you win the one where you bet $ 30, you go to the next sports bet with $ 20, and if you lose, you go back to 10. Of course, next, if you win by $ 20, you bet $ 60. and after completing the sequence, you return to the very beginning, that is, you start a new cycle.

Using this system, even beginners manage to make enough profit in a short time to be able to repay their initial investment, i.e. to play with the money they received from betting. Big losses are not possible, because in any case, you get back your $ 10 from the beginning.

Of course, these sums are taken only as an example, but we believe that you understand how things are going.

4. Dutching on the same sports event

Many choose to bet less money on different predictions. For example, you choose your favorite match and bet several times, choosing different outcomes – predicting the winner, predicting who will win in the first half, which team will score more goals or score more points, how many points will be scored throughout the game, and even combined tips as a result of half time and at the end.

Of course, it is important not to confuse this with arbitrage, as it is a bet on all possible outcomes.

This from the very beginning means more tickets, ie more money invested. Ideally, you will hit a few of them and make a profit. It is rare for a bookmaker to hit all types. But if you choose four and hit one, you are already making a profit, especially if you have distributed your money correctly.

This strategy is appealing to beginners but must be applied very carefully to prevent large losses.



From all these things we have listed, we can conclude that the real skill of sports betting is actually to choose the right money and sports events at the beginning so that the beginner can gain a sense of what he should actually do.

As experience is gained, complicated sports systems become easier, which we will talk about later, in some other article in the future. Beginners should understand that investing more money does not mean a certain profit. The secret is in moderation, analysis, self-control, and accepting betting as a fun activity, not a source of income for a comfortable life. As soon as you realize that, things will get much easier to you to understand the betting systems.