Barry Church Thinks Jaguars Are More Talented Than Cowboys On Defense


The Dallas Cowboys have never been known for what they can do on the defensive side of the ball. Even though the defense didn’t really look that bad last year, they did cave in the most important game of the year. In the Playoffs, against the Packers, they just couldn’t find the way to stop Aaron Rodgers and that offense, in the first half and in the clutch. Ultimately, that cost them the season.

They made a lot of changes this offseason as almost everybody from that secondary left the team in free agency and signed elsewhere. The Cowboys went into the draft and got them some reinforcements on the defensive side of the ball, both in their defensive front line and in the secondary. Some of the guys that were on the team last year are going to have bigger roles this year, and the Dallas Cowboys defense will be just fine.


Barry Church, former Dallas Cowboys safety, and a player that is now with the Jacksonville Jaguars believe that his new team is more talented on defense and in secondary than his ex-team, the Dallas Cowboys.

“I feel like we have a lot more talent here than we did over there. We just have to keep plugging away and get ready for Week 1.”

There is no doubt that Jaguars also have some talent on the defense, especially in that secondary. They have signed some veteran free agents like Church while they also have some young studs like Ramsey in that defensive backfield. It is going to be interesting to see can the Jags finally make that step forward, just like it will be interesting to see if Dallas’ defense can improve their performance.