Barcelona Beats PSG, French Mayor Loses Bet, Has To Eat a Rat


Paris Saint-Germain finished the first leg against Barcelona with a 4-0 lead, and most people felt confident that the French soccer team would progress in the Champions League. The mayor of a commune in southwestern France was way too confident, though.

Charles Dayot of Mont-de-Marsan posted on Facebook that PSG was going to beat Barcelona at Nou Camp before the second-leg and he said that if PSG failed, he would eat a rat. Well, we all know what happened to PSG, so if you have the stomach for it, you can watch the video below.

In the 87th minute, Barcelona needed three goals to advance, and that seemed impossible. We bet that the mayor relaxed at this point and he knew that no rats would be eaten in the following days. However, Neymar scored a goal for Barcelona. Still, no reason to worry, right? A penalty then. And finally, Sergi Roberto hit the net for Barcelona for one of the most amazing comebacks in the history of soccer.

Unfortunately for Dayot, his team lost, but that was not his biggest worry at the moment. He had to eat a rat! This game took place in March, and we have only seen Dayot eating his rat on Sunday. It took him a while to force himself into eating it, but at least he did it. Interestingly enough, Dayot used a PSG shirt as a napkin.

He appeared to handle it properly and suggested that the unusual meal tasted like a rabbit. Barcelona starts the new season with a Spanish Super Cup against their biggest rivals Real Madrid on August 12. One thing is for sure – Dayot will no longer bet against Barcelona, and if he does, a rabbit will not be at stake.