Bad Boys 3 Release date rescheduled again


The absolutely amazing action movies which left their mark on the audience a long time ago are coming back to the big screens with their next installment. Namely, Bad Boys and Bad Boys II drew much of the attention and affection of their fans in the mid to late ’90s and early 2000s, and for that reason, Sony has decided to bring the franchise back to life. The director of the next sequel will be Joe Carnahan while Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are coming back for Bad Boys for Life. The rest of the information is not out yet, so basically, everything else is unfamiliar when it comes to this new film.

The installment was supposed to come out in 2017, but due to a certain delay, it was rescheduled for early 2018. What caused this delay were the tight schedules of the crew, but it looks like they could be having plenty of time to devote themselves to the movie’s production.

It seems that Smith has the tightest schedule. He was apparently seen to be involved in the Disney’s new adaptation of Dumbo. These two projects overlapped which caused one of it having to be postponed.

However, now it seems that the film will hit the big screens on November 9, 2018, and this postponement also caused Bad Boys IV to be scheduled later for 2019.

Now it remains to see how the audience will react to this sequel after more than a decade of waiting and anticipating. Smith’s other responsibilities could lead to him having to leave the movie which means that it would suffer some big changes, and the question that could be posed is whether the audience will be willing to embrace those changes.