Backstage News About Cena vs. Undertaker Match At Wrestlemania


Just when we thought that The Undertaker was done and that he had retired a year ago, the Dead Men came back alive and slew the leader of Cenation. He has been wrestling once or twice a year since he was at the end tail of his hall of fame career. The Undertaker, or a guy that plays the character actually, Mark Callaway, is now in his fifties and is not able to work as much as he used to.

We have seen his match with Roman Reigns last year at Mania and Taker really didn’t look all that good. He couldn’t move the way he used to back in the day, even just a couple of years ago. After that event, it looked like he hung it up, got his hip replacement surgery and was set to enjoy in his retirement.

Well, then the rumors of his potential opponents at Mania surfaced like they did every year. John Cena didn’t have an opponent for the biggest show of the year and they immediately linked him with the Undertaker. But, this time, the rumors were true and they ended up having a battle. A short one, but still a battle nonetheless.

Reports are saying that WWE had booked this match a couple of months ago and that Taker was getting ready for the showdown with Cena. The way they built up this clash was strange since The Undertaker never showed up and we have seen him return at Mania, but that was a good move since it enhanced the story.

According to the reports, they didn’t have The Dead Man show up on Raw so the fans wouldn’t take this match as too big of a deal since Taker couldn’t work longer duels than he did.