The Most Awful Moments at College

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The studentship is tough and, at the same time, the most exciting period in our life. What could be more epic than the music from “Titanic” coming from a flooded dormitory? Finding ourselves in awful situations, many of us are confused and don’t know what to do. If you think that you have experienced the most shameful moments, keep reading and, perhaps, it wasn’t so bad.

Shameful Party Moments

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Hanging out at parties is a sacred thing for college students, but alcohol provokes incredible numbers of embarrassing moments. As soon as you wake up the next morning and your friends show videos where you are dancing naked on the table, burping at everyone standing within two meters. Someone tells you that you made some indecent proposals or even came out publicly. Or after drinking a few cocktails, you still think that you are sober and want to leave the party, call a taxi to go home, but it turns out that the party is held at your place.

You feel a little embarrassed in front of a taxi driver. Or when your parents leave the city, and you promise them everything will be okay and you will get yourself prepared for exams. Unexpectedly, in the middle of the party, parents come back and see their “baby” completely drunk, his friends smoking weed, and a couple having sex in their bedroom. You are dying of shame in front of your parents and your peers. There’s nothing to do, and you move on.

Awful Moments in Class

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A lot of terrible moments happen in the classroom when ingenious students try to vary their college lifestyle, play jokes on others, or do some nasty things, such as gluing someone’s chair, putting a whoopee cushion on it or gluing pages of the book. Some situations happen on their own, and you want to curl up into a ball and die of shame. For example, an overly stern professor lectures or you write a test in complete silence, and you get a message or a notification on your gadget. Or when you say something stupid, and everybody else keeps quiet, so the whole class can hear your nonsense.

The awkwardness is off the scale when you take your cheat sheet out of the hiding place, and it lands at your teacher’s feet. Or when your teacher makes fun of your essay, reading extracts from it aloud in front of the class, and you spent an eternity writing it after looking through hundreds of literature sources. In this case, you can avoid shame just ordering your paper on essay writing services, like And you won’t become a laughing stock among teachers and your classmates.

Or when a professor asks you to pair up with someone in your class, and you realize that there’s an unusual amount of students, and you are the odd one out. When you airdrop memes in the quality and accidentally airdropped it to the teacher’s laptop, and he showed it on the projector during the lecture. The awful moment is gaining enough courage to speak in class and getting the answer completely wrong. At first, they seem like horrible moments, but after some time, you remember them smiling.

Situations That Don’t Kill Us but Make Us Stronger

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Here are some most awful moments that can hurt your pride. When you invite a nice girl to junior prom, she agreed, you’re looking forward to it, and at the last moment you’ll find out that she chose another guy and you don’t have a partner anymore. Unfortunately, it’s a memorable moment, and you remember this bitterness for a long time.

Another awful moment is when you need a letter of recommendation for a job or program, and you realize that none of your teachers have no idea of who you are because you hadn’t spoken in the class before. Or when you are standing in the dining room with a full tray, and everyone is staring at you. Or when you think that you have got a new friend, wave at him, but he doesn`t notice or pretended not to. Or when you are the one not invited to the party, and the next day everyone discusses it, always ask you how you found that party and you smile and feel miserable. The situations are unpleasant but can toughen you.

How to Behave When You Experience Awful Moments

Once you get into embarrassing situations and overcome them with dignity, you become more persistent and prepared for difficulties that someday may happen in your life. The most common behavior patterns in awful situations are: be brazen and try to hush everything quietly or take a stab courageously and settle everything as soon as possible. The advice is not to seek to hide what has already happened. Everyone has already noticed that you screwed up. Why deny it?

The best thing you can do at this moment is to treat it with humor. Show that you aren’t afraid of making fun of yourself, and it makes you invincible. So, you demonstrate your courage and self-confidence to others. You could even say, “Wow, how awkward I am!” to minimize stress. Having made a misstep, you shouldn’t torture yourself endlessly. When you admit that you, like all other people, aren’t perfect, it will help you let go of the situation and say goodbye to it.

Nothing is perfect, and your college life can also be full of drawbacks. Dealing with shameful moments in college gives you an eye-opening experience and stress management skills in the future. When everyone tells you that college is the best period of your life, don`t have any doubts.