20 Awesome Backyard Summer Activities for Kids – 2023 Guide


Many families that aren’t lucky enough to live near a beach, will have to stay in their backyards during this summer. The reason for that is the coronavirus crisis, that had shut down many touristic places and people are not allowed to travel. Since the situation is really dangerous, you don’t need to plan where you’ll travel this summer, until the pandemic ends.

The good thing is that you can have a lot of fun backyard activities that are even better than staying at the beach for hours. Use this situation to get close to your kids and help them have a good time during the summer break.

If you don’t know how to do that, we have a few recommendations for you:

  1. Build a trampoline


Kids want to jump around, and it’s always a good idea to install a trampoline in your backyard. Use the space you have to create a children’s playground.

  1. Organize a car race


You can make a car track in your yard that will be used for toy cars race. Be creative and make it look real by using old tires, paper signs, and plants.

  1. Host a picnic

Use the privacy of your yard to have a calm picnic and eat together with them. Choose a blanket and let your kids decide what will you eat and drink.

  1. Create a mini village


Your kids will have so much fun by creating a mini village in your backyard. Choose the spot and start planting flowers and grass and create little houses and pathways. They will have a creative time and a lot of fun.

  1. Improvise a beach


Set a yard beach by using sand and kids pool, that you’ll fill up with water. Use the beach supplies to make them feel like they are by the sea. You can find a lot of good ideas on theconsumer.guide that will help you release all of your ideas.

  1. Play with water balloons

Fill a few balloons with water and hang them on the trees. The children will need to pop them. It’s messy, but also refreshing summer game.

  1. Build a rope course

Knot the ropes using the trees in the yard to create a rope course, that your kids will use to race all day.

  1. Play mini-golf


You can create a mini-golf course in your backyard and play with the kids all day long.

  1. Play chalk shadows

Encourage your kids to take a silly position and draw the shadow with chalk. Challenge them to do the same with your shadow.

  1. Teach them how to plant flowers


Buy some flowers and soil and teach your kids how to take care of the plants in the yard. It will inspire them to be more careful about the flowers you have, and you will prepare them for school with a free and important biology lesson.

  1. Create a sport field

If your kids are into sports, you can create a sports field in your backyard. Put goal posts and use cones and grass paint. They will be happy to play their favorite game at home.

  1. Climb the trees


Climb the trees together with them and use that time to teach them the important lesson of being safe during the risky activities.

  1. Mud cooking

The children love to play with mud, especially when they make dishes with it. It’s a messy activity, but at the end of the day, they will be all tired and happy.

  1. Backyard camping


This is one of the most favorite summer activities between the kids. They will never forget how fun it was that summer night when the parents allowed them to sleep in the camping tent in their yard.

  1. Build a treehouse


There is nothing better than the old, but still good treehouse. Your kids can help you while you build it, and the next thing they know, they enjoy in their so-called private place.

  1. Create a summer stage

Create a simple summer theatre by using old curtains. Your kids will have a lot of fun and entertaining time taking the roles they want and acting like they are a part of their favorite story or Disney movie.

  1. Outdoor classroom

Install a chalkboard in the yard that will inspire them to play teachers and students. That will help them prepare for the school year that comes just after the summer break. Buy enough chalks so you won’t have to go to the store every day.

  1. Make a birdhouse


Use old woods to make a birdhouse, that the birds will use to eat and drink water. Don’t forget to put a few bowls with bird food. Your kids will want to know more about the birds and you will teach them how to be responsible for the living creatures around them.

  1. Use some paint for the rocks

You can give a whole new look to your backyard by allowing the kids to paint the rocks around. Just be careful not to spill the used water in the lawn, because some colors can be toxic for the flowers.

Don’t be sad that you’ll probably miss a proper summer vacation this year. Hopefully, the situation will get better in a few months and you will have a lot of summers to spend with your family, at your favorite vacation spot. Use this summer to teach the kids how important is to be responsible and respectful of the laws and general recommendations. Help them to learn how to protect themselves during a time of crisis.

Building a dream backyard playground is not an easy task and it may take a lot of time to release it. But, you will know it was worth it when you see their smiles and beautiful memories they’ll have for the whole life. Help them have unforgettable moments that they will always remember and keep telling others how fun they had together with their parents during summer 2023.