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There are many benefits when growing your own garden indoors. The cost is lower, and you do not have to leave your home to get your favorite product. Still, however, there are many things to consider when growing your own indoor garden. Most of the beginners tend to make common mistakes while using their LED grow lights inside the tents. In this article, we will go over which mistakes you should avoid. 

Overheating the plants

Keep in mind that these LED lights are quite powerful. Therefore, beginners should never allow too much heating to their plants. This is done by placing the lights too close to the plant, after which the leaves will turn brown and completely dry. This can completely ruin your crop if you fail to notice it and react quickly. Regularly check the thin outlines of the leaves of your plants and proceed accordingly if you see a problem. Also, if the leaves curl up, the plant is getting too much heat.

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Too little lighting

Of course, the same way too much heat from LED lights is bad, so is too little lighting. In order not to have this problem, you have to play the numbers game and determine the size of your garden, the number of lights, and the number of plants. The right number of lamps is crucial, and achieving the perfect balance is what you should strive for. 

Not maintaining, protecting and adjusting the lights

Once you get the temperature right, you will have to take care of the lights, because without them, there are no plants or crops. One way to do it is to use a power stabilizer so that all of them receive equal voltage. Also, educate yourself on how to clean them. The tent also has to protect them, as well as the plants. Lastly, remember to adjust the height of the lamps as your plants grow, or you will face the same problem of overheating and brown leaves.

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Using the wrong light spectrum

Something that most overlook is the fact that different growth stages need different lighting system types. For example, full-spectrum LED lights are the best, but if you choose the wrong setting, you will have a not so great plant. Room condition is also important here, as the plants in vegetative stages need a blue spectrum and not the red one that will slow down the growth.

Grow tents, nutrients and other equipment 

Although probably the most important part, the LED grow lights are not the only accessory you need to have healthy plants full of crops. The rest of the essentials include the right type and amount of nutrients, the right combination of soil, a well-ventilated room and grow tent with a steady airflow, and a sturdy and spacious grow tent. All in all, you are not done if you purchase high quality LED grow lights. Everything has to be of above-average quality if you want your plants to be healthy and useful. Having the correct lights is the right way to go, but the tent and nutrients should not be forgotten. Feel free to visit Canada Grows Indoors for more on this. 

Final Thoughts

To sum up, you must consider many important factors when starting an indoor garden with LED lights and a tent. The temperature has to be right, the lights should be maintained and well adjusted, and you have to use the correct light spectrum at different growing stages. Lastly, other equipment has to be top-notch, especially the tent you will have all of this in, and the nutrients and soil your precious plants will use for growing. Once you have everything, you will be ready to grow quality and healthy crops in the comfort of your home! 


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