Yahoo once had prevented users from transferring their emails to a different address automatically while most electronic mail providers allow this feature to its users. This time, however, email provider reverted its decision.

The reason they had disable the feature for some time was to give way for some developments. Yahoo Mail defends itself. The company had been questioned for this move because email forwarding had always been a crowd favorite for Internet users. Turning it off the feature seemed like a selfish plot to keep customers from moving to a different provider.

The Associated Press was able to catch this dubious act when it made conversations with some Yahoo users who had crossed the path of this change. The administrators of Yahoo originally abstained from commenting about the issue. Then, they directed customers to their support website for an explanation of the incident of shutting off the feature.

The time it happened is what makes Yahoo’s decision to enable email forwarding again quite suspicious. There had been reports that the company faced a major financial drawback because a security break-in which affected millions of its users. It was at the wake of this news that Yahoo had remove the automatic email forwarding feature. Thus, people are suspecting that the company is keeping them from switching providers. This report happened in 2014 but was only uncovered in the previous month.

Verizon yesterday cited that Yahoo’s security breach influenced the company’s acquisition of the email provider. Yahoo was rumored to have asked for some discount on this four-million-dollar deal but no comments were made by Verizon themselves.

Apparently, today, Yahoo had turned their automatic email forwarding feature on. They also remain firm on their argument that the feature had been disabled for upgrade purposes. Michael Albers, who is the vice president for Yahoo’s product management made this announcement on their blog.

Many, however, are still not convinced with their explanation. Yahoo failed to mentioned details of the upgrade which would support their need to disable the feature momentarily. Thus, it makes their statement rather capricious.

This Yahoo announcement instructs Yahoo users to hookup their inbox to an email client of their choice or even directly to the other provider. Simply put, they are telling their customers not to leave. This is what made the email forwarding issue so controversial.