Atlanta Bicycle Laws and Atlanta Bicycle Lawyers


When vehicles collide head-on, the motorcycles always win. When two big, heavy cars collide, a bicycle simply will not resist the forces. As a result, in bicycle accidents, the victim will nearly always be the one who suffers the most severe injuries. Injuries common in bike accidents include fractured bones, whiplash, and whiplash-induced abrasions to the head and neck. When a car runs over a cyclist, the results may be dire. For assistance after an Atlanta bicycle accident, go to It’s an excellent method to protect your financial future if done correctly.

The Bicycle Laws of Atlanta

While biking in Atlanta, you don’t have carte blanche on the roadways. As a cyclist, you are subject to several rules and regulations. Being aware of your limitations can help you stay safe and out of trouble if you ever find yourself in a collision. In the case of an accident, breaking any of the city-specific regulations may reduce your compensation. Several statutes may apply in the event of an accident in the city, including:

  1. The Law Considers Bicycles To Be Vehicles: Essentially, this means that bicycles are required to abide by the same traffic and road regulations as regular drivers – including stopping at junctions and indicating their intentions.
  2. In Atlanta, Bicycles Above The Age Of 12 Are Prohibited From Riding On Sidewalks: Biking on sidewalks in commercial areas is strictly forbidden. In its place, cyclists are required to utilize either the public roadways or special bike lanes.
  3. Pedestrians And Bicycles Must Share The Road: A legally registered motor vehicle, a bicycle must go in the same direction as other traffic. To observe incoming traffic, it may seem safer to ride on the other side of the road. However, this is against the law in Atlanta.
  4. For Nighttime Riding, Bicycles Must Be Equipped With Lights And Beacons: Law requires white front and red rear lights to be seen from 300 feet away on all bicycles used in the evenings and at night.
  5. Helmet Use Is Optional For Riders Above The Age Of 16: Atlanta’s municipal ordinance only requires the wearing of a helmet for those who are less than 16 years old. Fit, fastening, and safety requirements must all be fulfilled before a helmet may be worn.

Other motorists will have a better idea of your intentions if you follow cycling rules. As a result, you’ll be more secure on the road since other drivers will know what to anticipate from you. In addition to putting you and any nearby pedestrians at risk of severe injury or death, breaking the law may limit your ability to get compensation if you are involved in a collision.

What An Insurance Company May Do With Your Claim?

Your bicycle accident will be investigated as soon as you contact the driver’s insurance company. Your case will be handled by a claims adjuster, sometimes known as a claims analyst, who works for the insurance company. The adjuster’s primary aim is to persuade you to accept as little money as possible in exchange for gathering information about your accident. Instead of assisting you in your recovery, a claims adjuster has to attempt to save the insurance company money. As a result, use caution when speaking with a claims adjuster about your case or a settlement.

When it comes to paying customers’ claims, insurance firms often delay or reject them. When it comes to handling bicycle accident claims, insurance companies have developed quite precise and detailed procedures. You may accept a settlement that’s less than what your claim’s worth if you don’t have an attorney fighting on your behalf. Be wary of agreeing to provide an insurance company with a recorded statement. A statement is not legally required, and its goal is to get you to say anything that may jeopardize your case. Working with an attorney is necessary to avoid the pitfalls that an insurance company may lay for you.

Atlanta Bicycle Accident Attorneys: Why Choose Them?


If you hire a bicycle accident lawyer, you may be sure that you won’t accept a settlement that’s less than your claim is worth. A lawyer can assist you in obtaining compensation from the person or business that caused the accident for your medical expenses, lost income, and property damage. Insurance companies should cover all of your medical expenses if you need surgery or a significant amount of care. So that you don’t accept a shallow settlement offer, a lawyer may bargain on your behalf.

Having a lawyer on your side gives you the ability to sue a defendant for damages if required. Most bike accident cases may be settled out of court, but if you have a strong case, going to court may be your best option. Representing yourself in court and suing an insurance company may result in more compensation for your losses, with possible reimbursement for suffering and punitive damages. If you hire a lawyer, they can craft a legal strategy that is unique to your injuries, requirements, and case objectives.

From the beginning to the conclusion of your case, an Atlanta bicycle accident lawyer can advise you on how to proceed so that you get appropriate compensation. If you’ve been injured in a bike accident, you’ll need the help of an attorney who has handled similar cases successfully. When you recover physically, your attorney will take all of the discussions and claim correspondence for you on your behalf. No legal costs are charged if your lawyer fails to get compensation for your losses.

Final Verdict


A bike accident has the potential to alter your life completely. Medical expenses and lost wages due to missed work time may pile up quickly, landing you in the hospital. It has the potential to wreck your costly bicycle and cause emotional damage, such as PTSD. It may render you permanently unable to do your daily activities. So if you’re in any of these predicaments, don’t despair. They are a group of tenacious lawyers ready to fight for your rights and recover damages on your behalf.

Injured cyclists in Atlanta need the assistance of accident lawyers to get financial compensation for their losses as a result of damaging collisions. Make an appointment with an Atlanta lawyer to go through your case right now!