Astrology Predictions 2024

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Mars in Pisces for six months

Astrology has so many wonderful cycles, which weave the intricate tapestry of our lives. We can see the cycles coming and plan accordingly.

This Gemini month Mars moves into Pisces on the 16th of June to keep company to Uranus who started a new seven years cycle in March.

Mars typically spends 6-7 weeks in a sign, but every 26 months he has a retrograde cycle which lasts approx. 69 days. It will occur in Pisces this year on July 28 Mars will station retrograde at 10°Pisces. Mars will not change signs until December 16, 2024 – so we have Mars in the same sign for six months!

Last year we experienced Venus in Scorpio for four months and that felt like an eternity (Sept.7, 2019 – January 7, 2024).

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Mars represents more forceful energy and even the time frame is 50% longer. The signs Mars has a natural affinity with are Aries, Scorpio, and Capricorn; thus people with Mars or significant planetary placements in these signs will likely be the most frustrated when the brakes a pulled and action/activity slows down to a crawl; more specifically, we may feel that we are in fact moving backward. Two steps forward and three steps back!

Incidentally, Mars was the last retrograde in Pisces in 1956, and Elvis Presley’s “Don’t Be Cruel” was released.

The Suez Crisis of 1956 is viewed as the start of the fall of the imperial empire. Hungary had the uprising against the Communist regime. In 1956 Jupiter was in Virgo, as will be the case this year as well. The year 1956 has been coined as the year of protest. This year in British Columbia we have seen dozens of recall campaigns launched to unseat liberal politicians.

There are class-action lawsuits against a tobacco company and doctors have launched an action against our health care system for the benefit of the recipients of care. The last item is more in keeping with the Pisces theme perhaps, although cigarettes are an addictive substance and thus belong to the nebulous realm of Pisces.

June 23 we will have the explosive meeting between Mars and Uranus, fortunately, this does not repeat later in the year as Uranus moves back into Aquarius for a brief revisit (mid-Sept. through New Year’s eve). So we should pay careful attention to our actions for a few days – June 20-26, especially around water and electricity, and ensure that those two elements do not connect.

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The slower moving planets tend to cause more change. Pisces is the sign that represents trade unions, hospitals, the masses and our collective psyche and collective guilt. It is the last sign of the zodiac ending the twelve-fold cycle. In terms of Mars it is the hidden world behind the activity and action. Pisces is the 12th house for Aries, which is the natural home of Mars. While we will see a lot of activity in the world, in terms of our personal lives this period has the feel of undertones, at times difficult to pinpoint type of action. This can catch us unaware and unprepared.

We associate Pisces with the masses, unions, groups and backbenchers and while Mars of action spends such a long time travelling through this sign, we are likely to experience a lot of unrest.

Real unemployment figures are always higher than those revealed by statistics, we will be introduced to reality and how it is affecting our society. Discontent and insecurity will become more pronounced as people struggle with the changing landscape of the workforce, and their place in it or the lack of it.

According to this website, 2024 as a whole isn’t an easy year, lots of unrest and more attention drawn to the plight of the many. It is not only the developing countries have big portions of the society fighting just to survive. Mars is completing a major cycle and is physically closer to us than we have experienced in our lifetime. The individual write-ups for the Sun signs address the area of life where Mars is going take up residence – it is as if you get a house guest that simply won’t leave when they have worn out their welcome.

Saturn into Cancer

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The Saturn return concept made headline news on CNN in early May. There was a survey made to determine at what age we make it to adulthood. The consensus among those surveyed was age 26. Astrology has always defined this as the first Saturn return. If you were born August 1973-September 1975 your 30th birthday marks your Saturn return and adulthood. It is defined as the time you learn to assume total responsibility (ideally) for your life and actions. Legally you have been an adult at this point for a decade, but now going to parents for help is out of the question.

The precise time for the Saturn return varies by a year depending on the sign of your Saturn. Some of us have a hard time with our 30th birthday, thinking over the hill and too mature for child-like activities. The natal chart comes into heightened focus particularly if you have Saturn prominently configured. The natal chart represents all the facets of your life, and as I can only address the Sun sign in terms of this column, the only aspect I can address is what aspect Saturn could have formed to your Sun. As Saturn is moving into Cancer, those who were born with Sun is a Cardinal sign, namely Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn are likely to have a strong aspect between the two planets. A responsibility might be your middle name and this 2-year cycle registers a naught on your scale.

The 2nd Saturn return occurs around our 59th birthday (June 1944 – August 1946). Saturn is in Cancer from June 2024 – July 2024 – only two years in Cancer. This marks the time frame where we learn to accept our aging and ideally accept our role as an elder, an authority figure.

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Globally Saturn in the sign of home, mother, security, and food will bring the lack of these into our attention. Hunger, homelessness and also the need for safe food become issues we as a society need to address. Before we start acting on this we are made acutely aware of the plight of our fellow humans. Some of these issues have already surfaced, but typically at the end of a sign, the action needed to close a cycle is more pronounced. So for the balance of May, we get to view Gemini and Mercury issues first – education, transportation, and health care and the desperately needed reforms in these areas.

Food and nourishment are Cancer issues and Saturn is the planet of limitations and shortage. The shades of grey within this pairing of two opposing sign can range from a shortage of food to the incredible increase of dietary regimens. How many people do you know that are completely revamping their diets? It is a good time to go on a long-term diet, steady weight loss combined with a healthy lifestyle. Granola bars of the early ’70s will likely become low carbohydrate bars, and the fast-food industry will have to start accommodating the changing demand.

Individually for us, Saturn sets up home in an area of our lives where we need to assume more responsibility and need to feel more secure. For Sun sign Aries or Aries rising the issues are doubly pronounced as the area of life that comes into focus is home and family. I will address these areas in the individual sign write-ups.


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Until 16th of June Mars continues in Aquarius: Energy levels are likely high, and the social scene busy. Network for all its worth to increase your earning power and boost the balance in the bank account. For six months starting June 16th Mars moves to live in your 12th solar house. This area represents our inner life, innate fears, and insecurities, it may create a desire to withdraw from the ‘rat-race’. Our dream life tends to become vivid with this influence, and as we are looking at six months might as well learn about the symbolism of dreams, take up meditation or other similar activity that allows the mind to become focused on the invisible side of life. The dilemma with this time frame is that the world refuses to leave us alone, and the demands on your time and effort seem to increase. Pick your activities wisely. Physically this can bring about a period where energy levels are at a low, or you may even experience illness. 12th house does represent hospitals.

Saturn work is finishing its two-year visit in your third house. This is the house of communication, travel and daily environment. Saturn tends to set limits and boundaries so we learn to pay attention. On June 3 Saturn moves into the area that represents home and family. The responsibilities in this area increase, children and family place higher demands on you. This can also be a time frame when you may want to downsize residence or conversely when your current living quarters fail to adequately meet your needs. New family members or those who moved out coming back can also be a theme. Repairs and maintenance around home-base can become all-consuming.

The butterfly influence is in your third house, communication becomes easier and more fulfilling, especially, after Saturn moves on. Gather information, learn something new and mend bridges between siblings and cousins, or neighbors. Keeping the learning alive allows you to stay younger in spirit.


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Until the 16th of June the theme of working at a career, climbing that corporate ladder or releasing it continues. Family support continues strong, but you may feel a little backed against the wall. Do trust your instincts about when the time is right. After the 16th of June, the theme becomes income and rewards from career type activity, and this lasts for six months. In life, we get the rewards we have earned, and it isn’t always smooth sailing.

Saturn is about to leave the money house in your chart; limitations and shortages stop being such a big headache. When Saturn takes up residence in the communication and travel house, we often get serious about learning, writing or communication more efficiently. Our obligations in our neighborhood and within our community increase. Daily routines increase in quantity, and our responsibilities grow. This can be a time when the affairs of siblings, cousins, neighbors, and individuals with whom we share that kind of bond, become a part and parcel of our everyday life.

The butterfly influence moves into the second house, and our quest apart from generating more money, and finding new ways to do this is focused on our value system. Now the investigative strength of Mercury and Gemini can help you scrutinize what is of importance to you. Staying in tune with your innate strengths and assets helps you retain a more youthful approach.


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Feel the breeze in your hair, inhale the scents of nature, drink from the fountain of life. Mars moves from the planning to the action stage on the 16th of June. Time to get those ducks in order until then, hone your plans and decide which route to take. Career gets a welcome boost, the influence lingers for six months with some ups and downs along the way. Such is life anyway. August-September is the time to lay low and keep your nose to the grindstone on the work front.

Saturn leaves your Sun sign! This is fantastic news, the feeling of being boxed in lifts, and you have had two long years of this influence. Get out and celebrate, realizing that the next issue you need to tackle responsibly is your money. So when you have finished celebrating start researching software to help keep a tab of your cash. You have ideally made positive, long-term changes to your lifestyle now it is time to accept a new course of action; one that allows you to live with values that fit your new approach. That approach is going to be fine-tuned over the next two years, and some of the activities that were important cease to be that. Remember it is a two-year stretch, and not a daily focus but a slow, methodical shift that will result in more harmony in your life.

The butterfly influence is very personal for you this Gemini month (read the lengthy Gemini section in the lead on). Yes, happy birthday to YOU. (Incidentally, if you would like to know more about your year, check out the order reports online section for a solar return report (USD9.95), which provides some 30+ pages of analysis on your personal year). There is a new-found sense of being free again, feeling more alive. Do enjoy!


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On June 3 just as your birthday approaches Saturn moves into Cancer for two years. Until then the theme of putting plans and needs into place for action continues. The dream cycle, with its sometimes nightmarish qualities, eases up, and you are into your regular dream routines. Saturn in the same sign as our natal Sun teaches us more responsibility and delivers new obligations. Two years of growing up and maturing, relationships are also likely to become more serious. If yours in somehow become one-sided, where you are the one offering all the support, now this needs to be rectified. Cancer may be an emotional sign, but it is still one of those executive signs with strong leadership qualities. So many of our entrepreneurs and CEO’s are Cancer Sun individuals, strong “heads of family”.

Mars is lending the strength of conviction and additional energy and stamina into your life and to the self-starting June 16. The house involved in the 9th and we may be looking at learning new skills, starting at college or similar; and typically we travel more when the action planet stirs the energy of this long-distance travel house. Until the 16th keep tight reigns on your money and investments, the temptation to impulse shop is strong.

The butterfly influence starts where Saturn leaves off. Perfect time to enjoy nature, a good book and have intimate little parties and get-togethers, crowds and large groups may not be inviting to you at present. Your inner life and imagination is soaring – do read the quote at the top of the page, it tends to define your inner life.


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Mars moves out of the relationship sector of your chart into the money and resources sector. Initially, you may feel overly focused on what you don’t have. Mars stays in this area of your life for six months. It is a time to become more resourceful, to learn to count your blessings and to work in cooperation with your partner. Sexual energy increases and with it your energy to extend extra effort in other areas of your life. It is a house of renovation and rejuvenation – we can talk about physical property needing repairs or our body needing extra attention.

Saturn changes from the social area, where it may have slowed down your involvement with friends and work-related functions. You may have decided to implement career changes or to build a business of your own. The limitations and obstacles in these areas are cleared. Your inner life, a quest for understanding life and its mysteries better are about to start. This is an excellent time to put some elbow grease into ‘creative’ projects and/or those that require work behind the scenes and/or alone. Invest in a dream dictionary, enroll in meditation classes and allow your subconscious mind access to your rational mind.

The butterfly influence takes over where Saturn leaves off, get out there and mingle, be like the butterfly and seek new experiences. Life is short, make the most of every day, we spend far too much time worrying about all of those what-ifs. You are the great ‘entertaining’ because you are so in tune with others and like to discuss all kinds of subjects.


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Mars moves to oppose your Sun on June 16 easing up on the busy-ness at work and with those never-ending, ever-changing chores, routines, and schedules. Relationships start taking up more of your attention, effort, and energy. Don’t be terribly surprised if you also have a deal with more than your fair share of difficult to handle individuals. Energy levels tend to fluctuate from one extreme to the other, and you will need to learn to accommodate these changing levels.

Saturn energy becomes more harmonious for the next two years, you can expect less friction more support and assistance. Excessive obligations on the work front ease up, and even “the lately difficult (call it two challenging years), and the demanding boss becomes easier to handle. Nobody ever said that life was a cakewalk. Now you’ve done the hard work, are you happy with the turn of events life has taken, do you feel the rewards match the effort? The next two years may be a quest to determine that for yourself. Lean rewards can be the theme, but if you are in the right place the ‘payback’ now can be just perfect.

The butterfly influence is on the work front. Ready to enjoy success albeit brief. You have arrived in the short term, do give yourself a pat on the back, the world seldom does that for us. Your work ethic is exceptional, you don’t mind the tedious and arduous tasks on your way to success.


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Mars may be responsible for the hard work for the six month period starting June 16. Time re-organize your schedules and prioritize your obligations. You had your play-time and now it is time to get serious. This can be the time frame when co-workers become a bigger part of your life, issues/problems and all. You are typically a creative type of problem solver, that skill will now be tested. Do take your safety seriously during this time, look up to avoid walking into things.

Saturn moves into the career sector of your chart, further emphasizing the work part of your life. The themes from last month continue for 17 more months and this is an additional layer to the puzzle we call our life. The planning stages or lack of activity is rectified or rewarded in a grand manner. If you are looking for a better opportunity do market yourself with gusto until the 16th (or beyond if need be). Saturn will forge a pushy bond with your Sun sign, meaning that you will be forced or coerced into action. Not the time to rest on your laurels but for applying strong effort in achieving your goals.

The butterfly influence allows you to play a little longer. If you have been working at a launching a product, your dream career or in getting an opportunity to ply (play) your craft this month may provide you with opportunities so accept all invitations and offers – you can always say no nicely of course as your diplomatic nature demands.


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Mars moves out of the area representing home, children and family, and into the creative and romantic sector of your chart. The affairs at home enter a calmer phase, children’s activities and affairs still linger on but with lesser demands. After the 16th you get six months of working with projects that require creative thinking, and inspiration. You could simply just be busy helping with children’s sporting team or similar enterprise. Supportive energy, with the exception of those 2+ months in August-September which bring in some disruptions. Energy levels climb a tad higher for these six months and you also get to play and have some fun!

Saturn leaves the house where we enjoy our taxes, debts and increased expenditures, there could be a final whack at your pocketbook late May – but when all is said and done your net worth increased in the past two years. Now Saturn moves into your travel house, planned travel is in the stars but impromptu and spur of the moment flights will be less likely. This is the time to work with your long term dreams, learn new things and to explore beliefs and religion. Your convictions are about to change and mature. In-laws may be a bit overwhelming during these years.

The butterfly influence is on the money front, easier to find new sources of income or to feel better about the bottom line. To ensure that insurance matters are in order. Your inquisitive mind is often focused on the undercurrents and hidden motivations. This month is perfect for researching your favorite area. Secrets are not safe from you this month, they are however safe with you unless you were scorned.


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The Mars effect, energy, effort, and disruptions, is felt in the area of home, family and around the house generally. Renovations and refurbishing can become the big theme at home, and so can be the one who is to host those family reunions. Pay attention to plumbing, ensuring taps are turned off, etc. Dealing with family members can be a bit challenging, take deep breaths and stay calm.

Saturn starts its two-year trek in the house of joint resources, taxes, debts, and investments. Saturn’s role is to teach us responsibility by imposing limitations, this marks a period where these matters need to be dealt with and sorted out. Any potential health matters need to be addressed, as this is the house of surgery – and better safe than sorry. Also, an excellent time to work on projects which require research skills, as now you will be able to focus on the tedious, time-consuming investigation.

The butterfly influence is in the house of work, and you’ll be kept busy and schedules need to stay flexible. Lots of variety with work and at work is what you like anyway, so this multi-tasking month suits you just fine, you hate to become bored at work. In fact, you probably love to leave it to the last minute just to see if you can still pull it off.


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Saturn is your ruling planet. Its shift from the house of work to the house of relationships will likely feel a very positive shift. The feeling of having being bogged down lifts, the list of endless tasks and being responsible for too much is probably something you won’t miss. Your energy levels and health are likely to improve now, less stress on your physical body provided that you did make some improvements to your lifestyle over the last two years.

Mars enters the third house increasing the pace of life. Isn’t life funny that way, schedules ease up in one area and pick up pace in another. You’ve already felt this shift when Uranus made this area of your life his residence for seven years starting March 10. Initially, there can be disruptions in your daily routines, in the longer term we quickly get used to the ups and downs of life. You may find yourself traveling more, attending classes and seminars or even venturing out to teach others. During this time your neighborhood expands as you become more involved within your community. The temptation to sign up for too much is particularly strong, so watch yourself when you are tempted to respond with a ‘why not, I can do that’.

The butterfly influence is in the area of work so now is the time to finish off those projects, tie up loose ends and just tackle each chore in order of priority. Make sure you balance work with fun time, we all need to relax and unwind in order to stay productive (your middle name).


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Mars leaves your Sun sign and solar first house and takes up residence in your money sector. This can result in unexpected expenditures, so it may help to stay cautious with purchases. On an emotional level, this marks a time frame when we tend to assess our non-monetary worth and value. You have made subtle and not so subtle changes to your approach and attitude, some willingly and others fighting all the way. Now it is time to assess if who you have become is in line with who you believe you truly are. (Uranus is already in this sector, since March 10, and Mars is the re-enforcement officer, so to speak.)

Saturn is connected to your Sun sign as well. When this planet shifts you tend to notice it more than most. Romance and creativity may have been under a little dry spell, and now the heaviness shifts. Work and chores, obligations and schedules are the issues that need constructive work and effort for the next two years. It is easier to buckle down and do the work, just make sure you don’t start burning the midnight oil too much, as that is extremely draining, and can wreak havoc with your health.

The butterfly influence is in your house of romance, a perfect month to play a little and have some fun. Visit children, write a poem or a ditty. Decorate your bedroom or office, create a more balanced living environment. Let the late spring breeze in, dust off the cobwebs.


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“Love is like a butterfly…” Mars makes an entrance into your Sun sign, energy levels soar there is a spring in your step, you feel alive! When we glow others tend to notice us more, the attention is on you for quite a while. This same energy can make you assertive or plain aggressive, so watch out for that. And heads up, accidents happen when we don’t pay attention to where we are going or what we are doing.

Home, family, and security have been the issues you have had to deal with over the past two years. Now those obligations and responsibilities lighten up, there is always a silver lining. You have grown closer to those near and dear, at times willingly and others kicking and fighting. Now the issues of your off-spring literal children or your creative efforts become important. This can be a productive time with ‘artistic’ effort and cultivating better interactions with children. Undoubtedly there will be challenges with these issues Saturn does represents limitations, obstacles, and hindrances.

The butterfly influence is in the home sector for a month, but now things are lighter and breezier (after the 3rd of June). Time to get social with family members, chat and clear the air. Great time to jazz up the kitchen or family room. Host that family function, and enjoy the less intense atmosphere.