Thanks to some changes that took place over at Aston Martin it seems that this British automaker is ready to start an entirely new chapter of their story with a clear aim to lead the way in performance segment and to compete with other exclusive brands as well. This all comes thanks to Andy Palmer who is at the helm currently.

The new chapter that this company is starting shows its face the best with the Aston Martin AM-RB 001, which is a hybrid hypercar that Aston is currently developing in cooperation with Red Bull. The clear goal here is to show what the road cars actually can be and redefine their possibilities, where the 001 could very easily turn out to be a McLaren F1 of its time. Aston Martin plans to release this beast on markets sometime before the end of this decade, and right after that, they are planning to follow with a mid-engined supercar.

Since it is so far in the future nobody really knows what that car might actually look, a designer Costas Phouphoullides let loose his imagination and envisioned a supercar from Aston Martin which he named the Vision 8. What is even more incredible it is possible for this one to be the V8 Vantage inspiration for the future.

When you take a swift look at the Vision 8 concept, you initially see or don’t see any of the design trademarks from Aston Martin. The front grille kinda looks like (although it’s more angular) it’s inspired by the DB11 which is somewhat backed up with the hood creases. The rear is heavily redesigned and reshaped, and it looks awesome, even more with those LED tail lights which seem like they came from an Aston Martin from the year 2025. What is hard to miss is the wraparound windscreen which joins seamlessly with the side windows, and as you can see Phouphoullides managed to incorporate it neatly with the very “differently” shaped headlights and the total absence of a rear window.

Phouphoullides put a lot of effort into this, and it seems remarkable. What is even greater is the fact that this actually looks like something that Aston Martin would create, so who knows maybe we will see it on the street someday!

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