Assassination Classroom – Season 3 News & Update; Koro-sensei’s new side


Assassination Classroom’ Season 2 ended in a highly gripping way, and all its fans can’t wait for the next season to be delivered. This anime is full of mystery and tension, which is what makes it so popular among viewers. Koro-sensei died in the hand of his student at the end of the second season, so everyone’s anxious to see what will happen next. There will also be a movie adaptation called ‘Assassination Classroom: 365 Days’, which will be followed by the spin-off based on the manga ‘Koro-sensei Q.’

Assassination Classroom Season 3

As we saw in Season 2, everybody in Class E agrees with the decision to kill their teacher – malicious Koro-sensei. His training lessons are extremely exhausting and demanding, and no one wants to keep on under these circumstances. After losing a great deal of his strength fighting the Reaper and Yanagisawa, he continues receiving blows until the one by Nagisa kills him. All the students trained really hard to perform their mission and prevent their teacher from destroying the Earth.

When it comes to ‘Assassination Classroom’ Season 3, the story doesn’t continue from where it ended in the previous season, but it is rather a spinoff with popular characters from the previous seasons. Koro-sensei is portrayed as the demon king, and the setting is not in their classroom. He is involved in some sorcery. The story is based on ’Koro-sensei Q!’ written by Kizuku Watanabe and published in 2015 in Saikyo Jump.

‘Koro Teacher Quest’

Soon after the movie ‘Assassination Classroom: 365 Days’ there will be its continuation – ‘Koro Teacher Quest!’. Unlike the film which focused on the relationship between Karma and Nagisa, it will focus on portraying another side of Koro-sensei. According to Fuji Creative’s website, an episode will last 10 minutes only, and there will be 12 episodes in total. We still don’t know when it will come out, but it should be published soon.