Are Dwayne Johnson And Shane Ray The Same Person?


Conspiracy theories about celebrities are always in trend. Every time, one theory get desproved, another one finds its way to the believers. We are here to tell you more about the newest theory about Dwayne Johnson and him having a twin brother, Share Ray, or even being Shane Ray.

Facts About Johnson And Ray

We all know Johnson as a semi-retired WWE and WWF westler and famous actor. An athletic body of this 6’5“ father of three has always been in the centre of attention.
A 6’3“ outside linebacker for the Denver Broncos, known as Shane Ray, was picked up as a first-round pick in the 2015 draft. Before that he was playing college football in Missouri.


The „Johnson And Ray Are The Same Person“ Theory

Some people are claiming these two are the same person, and are using „the pair has never been in the same room together“ as an argument. Also, some believe it is easy for Ray to be Johnson without him having a support from his well-known name in order to succeed in a National Football League.
On the other hand, some tweets on Twitter claim they don’t even know each other. The fact Johnson politely refused to watch Ray and the rest of the Broncos practice at their home stadium, was also used by conspiracy theorists for backing up their claims.

The „Johnson And Ray Are The Twins“ Theory

Some conspiracy theorists believe that Johnson and Ray being the same person is just egregious, and them being separated at birth as twins is more likely to had happened. It is true that Johnson and Ray have similarities and show resemblance, but is it all needed to be sure they are twins?


Veracity Of Theories?

Unfortunately for the conspiracy theorists, none of these theories could be proven true. Actor and linebacker have so many key differences for them to be either the same person or twins.

Key Differences Johnson And Ray Share

The first thing is age difference, Johnson is 46, while Ray is 25. The truth is one of them could falsified their true age, but that is not all.
Johnson has the big tribal tattoo which would be hard to be covered up, not to mention his other tattoos. In case they are the same person, Ray’s covering up the tattoos wouldn’t last on the football field.
Johnson is slighty taller than Ray, for two inches. Since Johnson is not wearing heels to fake his height, this is a significant difference.