Apple Working With LG To Deliver Foldable iPhone Display For 2024


It is hard to imagine in which direction smartphones will develop further, but one thing is for sure, we might see foldable devices in the next few years. We could hear that Samsung is working on a similar project, and it seems that Apple is also aiming at that feature.

Reports from South Korea suggest that U.S. tech giant is working with LG Display in an effort to deliver foldable iPhone. It has been claimed that the revolutionary new feature could be included in the new device in about three years, meaning that 2024 is the likely date for its delivery.

The screen is not the only thing that stands in the way of a completing a foldable gadget. You also need to develop flexible circuit board and similar. This task has been given to LG Innotek that is LG’s subsidiary for parts production.

We could hear previous rumors that the South Korean company already had created a prototype of a display that can be folded and that they are working on further improving durability. If the story is true, this could have been in development for the past two or three years so it might not be a too big surprise to see a new feature in the next few years.

At this moment, Samsung is the leader in the market, and the iPhone X is the first Apple smartphone that has received OLED tech. This is quite interesting to note as it seems that U.S. company is now moving away from Samsung in this department and going to their domestic rival. One of the reasons for this course of actions is to prevent leaks related to this technology, at least that is what was reported by sources.

As we already mentioned, Samsung is working on their foldable display, and it seems that they will deliver a device with it during the next year. Two years advantage in this business is huge, and we know how much things can shift in the industry in that time period.

The Cupertino-based company is trying to move away from Samsung, and we could see them signing a deal with LG regarding the investment in the LG Display factory that will later on supply Apple with screens. OLED tech from Samsung will be used in 2018 iPhones but after the facility is finished LG should take over.