Apple Wants To Bring Apple Watch To Millions of Aetna Customers


Reportedly, Apple and Aetna held secret meetings with the goal to deliver Apple Watch to millions of people who are connected to Aetna. This company offers an Apple Watch to its 50,000 employees as a part of its corporate wellness program. They want Apple to offer a free or discounted gadget, which would serve as a perk to Aetna members.

The secret meetings took place in Southern California on Thursday and Friday, according to three people connected to the matter. The executives from both companies were present, but they were also accompanied by hospital chief medical information officers.

The discussion was led by Apple’s Myoung Cha. Meanwhile, Aetna wants to motivate their customers to live a healthier lifestyle, and Apple Watch would help them keep track of their diet and their training program. Health and fitness-tracking are the primary features of the Apple Watch, and the deal between the companies could really increase the sales for Cupertino based tech giant.


Just recently, Apple Watch has become the top-selling wearable tracker by overtaking Fitbit. Research firm Strategy Analytics reported that shipments of this gadget reached 22 million for the first three months of 2017, which is just an outstanding success. The next version of the popular wearable will come with improved design and wireless connectivity, and you will be able to go online without the help of your iPhone.

The previous reports by CNBC show that Apple is working on the new health sensors which would make a device even more desirable. The secret team is adding continuous blood sugar monitoring, and this would really help people who have diabetes. In the meantime, Apple’s deal with Aetna could benefit everyone, and one of the insiders said that Aetna’s proposed timeline is slated for early next year.


However, Apple is not the first who is selling its fitness trackers and watches to companies. Fitbit has done it before in order to improve health outcomes, make a profit and lower costs. Interestingly enough, Aetna will be the first insurer which will offer devices of this type to its employees.

“This is a logical step for Apple’s broader distribution of their watch, and this type of partnership has been on their radar from the beginning,” said Tim Bajarin, president of Creative Strategies, an advisory firm that specializes in technology.

Both Apple and Aetna restrained from commenting.