Apple struggles with AirPods


Apple wanted to release its new completely wireless AirPods headphones for a while now, but according to some reports they have troubles in syncing audio between the two earpieces.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the company cannot solve the problem, which is a wireless connectivity between right and left piece. These new headphones are completely wireless, and the two earpieces are not connected to each other, and to sync the sound becomes a challenge.

In addition to this problem, the tech giant also tries to work out on some other issues. For example, the user may accidently lose one AirPod or the battery can just die in one unit and these are the cases Apple wants to solve. AirPods were supposed to go on sale in October and according to the company we can expect them by the end of 2016, but we are not sure about this.

Some reviewers and retail stores already got their AirPods demo units, but as it appears those products will need a software update because of this sound syncing problem. However, Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook sent an email in which it is written that the deliveries of AirPods will start in the “next few weeks.”

The new wireless headphones feature the W1 chip created by Apple in order to easily connect to various Apple devices. AirPods come out with beam-forming microphones, infrared sensors, and accelerometers. Moreover, AirPods also feature a small charging and carrying case, which purpose is to provide more power and expand its lifespan.