Apple is one of the biggest tech giants in the world, providing a big offer to the consumers, but we all know they aren’t really affordable to anyone who dreams to own at least one of their products. But, another thing that is very important is their products are really durable, and they are practically an investment that is worth all the money. Sometimes, people are “hunting” for better prices, but that’s a pretty risky option, knowing that there are a lot of fake products around, that look the same, but they aren’t original. Surely, the looks are important, and we all want that apple-bite in our collection, but believe us – it’s not worth the risk. Fake products are usually low quality and don’t meet the manufacturing standards. You risk paying for something that will break after a few days of use.

But, do you know that sometimes people are sure they are buying an original product, but they get a fake one, without even noticing in the initial stages of use. If you’ve owned at least one iPhone, iPad, or MacBook, or any other Apple product, you know they have a recognizable design, and predictive interface, that makes them different from the other devices. Even the experienced Apple users sometimes go for used devices, if they can’t afford to buy new ones at the moment. But if you are suspicious someone is trying to scam you, you can always ask them to see the product before you buy it and check the specifications.

Checking the IMEI number on services like is only one of the ways to see if the product is legit.

What is the IMEI number and what does it tell me?

It’s short for International Mobile Equipment Identity, and it’s the same as the fingerprints are for us. It identifies the model and device by using a combination of 15 digits to do that. Also, you have to know that when a device is stolen or lost, it can be easily tracked by the manufacturer and carrier provider by this particular number too. When it comes to Apple products, you can check yours on the official website too, because they provide that type of service.

How to know if my device is all right?

The best way to be sure is to buy from verified and legit stores. If you are buying a new device, it’s always a good idea to take it from the Apple store. That’s the only way to be sure the product is legit and original. Another way is from the approved resellers and mobile operators. Every other action can be pretty risky. Even if you get an original device, you may have problems using it if it was made for another market. Yes, it’s true. Many manufacturers have the same device but with adjusted features depending on the market, they are planning to place. That’s why it’s always good to buy the new iPhone from a trusted and certified seller.

On the other hand, if you are buying a second-hand product, try to get to know the seller better, and check every specification, comparing it to the features of the device. Also, here are some other tips, no matter if you are buying an old or new Apple device:

1. The box

We can all recognize the boxes. They are rectangular, and mostly white, with the name of the model written on them. They also contain the IMEI/MEID number, serial number, origin of the device, and other codes. These numbers should be compatible with the device. Once you compare the IMEI of the box and on your device (you can find it in settings), and they are matching, then the product is as it needs to be.

2. The additional gear

Depending on the model, the box contains a charger with the cable, the device, SIM card puller, and earphones. Check the device if it’s completely “healthy”, without any damage on it. Carefully remove the plastic cover, connect it to the charger, and turn on the device following the instructions. Also, while you do this, check if every button works properly. Newer Apple devices don’t have a lot of buttons, but they anyway have to work nicely.

3. The iCloud account

A new iPhone or iPad won’t have any Apple account logged in to it. Check if there is any data stored. If the device is completely empty, then you can connect it to your account, and take all the data you have, if you are already using it, and sync all your Apple products.

4. Verifying the ID and warranty


Every new product comes with a warranty. If you are buying a used one, you have to know that probably the warranty is expired, and every service due to eventual damage will be charged. The new products usually have a one-year warranty that covers a wide range of potential issues you may have while using the device, except the physical damages that are caused because you weren’t careful.

Apple’s devices are easy to use and optimized to be user-friendly, predictive, and simple. They don’t provide complicated features the users can’t learn to use them, and with every new generation, the “machines” are more powerful and support every new technology that comes out. According to those who prefer Apple over any other brand, they are not incorporating the best features at once, but the most optimal combination for maximum performance.

We hope our guide will help you determine if the device is legit or not. Our honest suggestion is to buy the Apple devices only from approved stores, or if you go for a second-hand product, then it’s always better to know the seller or to check the device before you buy it.

There will always be someone who will try to scam you, to earn money, offering an attractive price that may be lower than the original iPhone or MacBook, but they sell crap and earn a lot on those who don’t check if the product is good or not.