Apple Watch

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) now in the news not for a latest version iPhone but for its much talked about smart watch, has stepped its pitch for the sale of the smartwatch.

From reworking its brand charm in established fashion houses in Paris, to revisiting displays-cases for the smartwatch Apple Inc, has gone the full length to impress buyers.

With the Apple Watch release set for April, the intensity of its retail selling training for its employees has indeed been optimized. Apparently, the sales pitch will revolve around ‘three’ features. Among these one plan could also see Watch buyers even change their mind to buy a new iPhone or upgrade their phone.

The crux of such a sales pitch revolves around the ‘desire’ of potential Apple Watch buyers to choose compatible iphone model.

Apparently, employees have been undergoing rigorous paces in helping understand the iPhone use habits of the potential Apple Watch customer.

After identifying their most used feature on the phone, such as the fitness software or the health software, buyers are then offered suggestions on the choice before them. The point that most sales staff are being trained on, is to ask the ‘right’ soft questions which will to eventual sale of the iPhone.

As employees focus on the sales script, they focus on asking questions on the use habits of the phone. The focus is also in knowing if the Apple Watch if for personal use or as a gift. Additionally, Apple Inc appears to have an assumption here: That the Apple Watch will be the ideal high-end gift, rather than a purchase for the buyer themselves.

As Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) pushes hard on the sales pitch to ensure Apple Watch sales are smooth, the bottom line is that the sale of the iPhone is of higher value to Apple Inc.


  1. MOst people dont wipe off rain? they don’t have the Apple watch yet. Yes wipe wetness with your fingers, then touch your watch screen. Yes moron. THE watch doesn’t work wet period! get it?

  2. It’s not so much they won’t talk about it, as that nobody has ever asked.

    Most people just wipe the rain off and continue.

    Certainly if you want to use a touch screen device in the pool, then they work better if you keep them above the surface.

    Actually this goes for cars, cigar lighters and wallpaper adhesive too. They all work best if you avoid operating them underwater.

    In fact it goes for humans too.

    Wierd that slapshotsaint wont talk about that.

  3. So how does the “Touch Screen” work in the rain, or pool, or if its wet in general? Wierd Apple wont talk about it.


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